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Watch: US Weather Anchor Presents Report In Snoop Dogg Style Rap, Gets Shoutout From Rapper

Snoop Dogg has praised a Texas, US weather anchor, Adam Krueger, on the social media platform, Instagram. The video of Adam Krueger went viral.

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Adam Krueger and Snoop Dogg

Image: Instagram-Snoopdogg/Wikipediacommons

Snoop Dogg has praised Texas weather anchor Adam Krueger, who inserted the American rapper's lyrics in his weather report. The video of Adam Krueger, where is giving a news report on the weather while rapping in a Snoop Dogg style, went viral. The chief meteorologist at CW39 Houston released the video of rapping after accepting the challenge - "Did you do Snoop Dogg already if not, can you do it please." Initially, the video was posted on Tik Tok and later Snoop Dogg, himself shared it on Instagram and wrote - "Weather man on one" 



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Weather anchor raps in Snoop Dogg style

Before he started the challenge, Krueger cautioned Dogg's fans that he would be using the lyrics of Snoop Dogg's debut solo single "Who Am I (What's My Name)?", reported New York Post. He sang a really nice rap and was not offbeat. One who is not familiar with Snoop Dogg's rapping style might have to listen a second time. The lyrics of his forecast went like this: "From the depths of the sea to the back of the block!”, when he was talking about Babe’s Beach in Galveston, Texas. As the weather report moves toward the end he rapped: "We’re gonna be warm and humid, with highs in the 80s, guess what, ‘it’s like that, rat tat tat tat.”

Krueger, not only got a shoutout from Snoop Dogg himself but was also appreciated by his fans and followers on social media platforms. The video posted by Snoop Dogg has received 1.8 million views, nearly 50,000 likes, and over 500 comments that have been flooded with appreciation. One of the Instagram users wrote: "That's our weatherman in Town!!!" Whereas, Sunny Anderson, who is an author and US airforce veteran, laughed in the comment section and wrote: " He said rat tat tat tat." In those 537 comments (approx.), one of the Dogg's followers wrote: " Ah snoop ya gotta go do a weather report with him for the laugh come on". 

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