VIRAL: Watch How The #InvisibleChallenge Is Confusing Dogs Around The World

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After the #BottleCapChallenge went viral, the #Invisiblechallenge is taking our screens by the storm. 

Written By Shloak Prabhu | Mumbai | Updated On:

Internet challenges have no bounds. After the #BottleCapChallenge went viral, the #InvisibleChallenge is taking our screens by the storm. 

The newest addition to the list of most viral challenges is the #InvisibleChallenge. No! the individual taking up the challenge does not get to become invisible. This new challenge is somewhat similar to the 'What the fluff challenge', except that one should prank the pet instead of spooking it. Basically, the challenge revolves around the 'man's best friend'. It involves pet owners filming the reactions of their dogs as they face an invisible wall made by a plastic wrap or cellophane. The owner is expected to make an obstruction with plastic by sticking it on both the ends of the door-frame.

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The owners first need to make their way past the obstruction by hurdling their way across it, and then, confound their pets. So as it goes, in the countless videos that have surfaced online, the owner makes a run for the plastic wall and gets through. But the poor furballs are stunned when an invisible wall gets in their way. This is when the owners have an opportunity to record their pet's reaction. More often than not, the reaction is simply priceless and will most likely melt anyone's heart. Here's a video of the viral #Invisiblechallenge:

While the #BottleCapChallenge has kept netizens occupied, Netizens are trying their hands at this one. Here are some more videos:

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While most of those attempted the challenge succeeded in the challenge and left their pets confused, other dogs seemed to figure their way through the obstacle. Here are some videos where the owners failed at it:

This Golden Retriever has no chill and made its way by tearing apart the cellophane:

While a majority of people have approved and sportingly took part in the challenge, some of the users showed discontent and said that its unnessecary. They also brought up the grave issue of plastic pollution. Here's how the opposing lot reacted:

Others joined in too and their reference was on point:

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This person gave the pet's perspective of the challenge and tweeted:

These online challenges have no limits and as every other year passes by, people come up with some of the weirdest ideas, though this one is really cute.

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