Virginia: Thief Returns Stolen Items With Apology Note After Video Goes Online

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A thief who stole a cell phone and a clarinet from a music school had a change of heart as he left a bag containing the stolen items and an apology note.

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A thief who stole a mobile phone and a clarinet from a Richmond music school had a change of heart as the suspect left a bag containing the stolen items and an apology note approximately 15 hours after the police department shared a surveillance video online. According to an international media outlet, the letter was typed in which the suspect asked for forgiveness. He said that his bills were piling up and his wife mobility is close to nothing. The suspect claimed to be struggling but further added that this doesn't give him the right to victimize anyone. He apologised in the end and wrote 'shamefully I am to my grave'. 

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The incident took place on November 18 when a man walked into Music Tress School of Music in Richmond, Virginia. A camera behind the counter had captured the whole thing. While talking to an international media outlet, the owner of the music school said that the man was only in the school for a few minutes and took a valuable clarinet that the school had just repaired. The suspect had reportedly parked his car in a handicapped spot directly in front of the store. Bill Hargis, the co-owner told the media outlet that the man asked about buying a tambourine, which cost $8. Hargis said that he and his wife have still not decided whether to press charges as they are waiting for the thief to be identified and figure out whether this was a one-time thing or one in a series of bad notes. 

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Thief sends apology email after stealing a student's laptop

In a similar incident, Steve Valentine, a Birmingham resident, recently took to Twitter to reveal how his flatmate received an email from the apparent thief who had stolen the laptop that contained his university course work. The thief wrote in the mail that he was poor and needed money. In fact, he even offered to send files that the student might need for his course work. 

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