Published 11:14 IST, February 9th 2024

'My Memory is Fine,' says Angry Joe Biden After Special Counsel Report

During his surprise remarks, Biden pushed back against the report's characterisation of him as an "elderly man with a poor memory."

Reported by: Sagar Kar
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US President Joe Biden. | Image: AP

President Joe Biden delivered a forceful response on Thursday to assertions made by Special Counsel Robert Hur regarding his mental acuity and handling of classified documents. Biden's remarks came shortly after Hur released a report stating that he would not pursue charges over the president's handling of classified materials.

During his surprise remarks, Biden pushed back against Hur's characterization of him as an "elderly man with a poor memory." "I've been president and I put this country back on its feet, I don't need his recommendation," Biden asserted, defending his record and capabilities.


“I know what the hell I'm doing,” claims Biden

"I'm well-meaning, and I'm an elderly man, and I know what the hell I'm doing," Biden added, addressing a question from a reporter about his mental acuity.

Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, seized on Hur's report, citing it as an example of a "two-tiered" system of justice. However, Biden dismissed these criticisms, stating, "My memory is fine," and expressing confidence in his ability to lead.


What did the report say?

The report by Hur alleged that Biden "willfully retained and disclosed classified materials" after his vice presidency while he was a private citizen. Biden took responsibility for the handling of classified documents by his staff, acknowledging that he was not directly involved but noting that he bears responsibility for oversight.

Why else angered Biden?

The president also became emotional when discussing a line in Hur's report that referenced his late son Beau's death. Biden strongly objected to the mention, stating, "How in the hell dare he raise that?" and asserting that it was not appropriate for Hur to question his personal experiences. According to a report from Axios, the report had claimed that Biden didn't remember when his son Beau passed away.


Is Biden fine?

On Thursday, Biden experienced a momentary mix-up during the remarks when discussing the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. He mistakenly referred to the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as "Sisi," the president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. Biden later clarified his statement, acknowledging the error.

Despite facing scrutiny and criticism, Biden remains resolute in his own defence, asserting that he is competent. 


11:14 IST, February 9th 2024