Updated February 27th, 2024 at 18:48 IST

Mahindra launches ‘Earth Edition’ of its lifestyle vehicle Thar

Ex-showroom price of 'Thar Earth Edition' manual transmission diesel variant is Rs 15.40 lakh while the automatic diesel variant is Rs 17.60 lakh.

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M&M Thar Earth Edition | Image:M&M Thar Earth Edition

Highest-selling lifestyle vehicle Leading sports utility vehicle (SUV) maker, Mahindra & Mahindra has announced the launch of the ‘Thar Earth Edition’, a range of its lifestyle hot seller Thar, inspired by the scenic Thar desert, as per a company release.

“The special edition is inspired by the infinite expanse of the Thar Desert and the ability of the Thar to allow one to explore it with ease,” said a company communique. “With a palette inspired by the desert geography, promoting a sense of oneness with the environment, it doesn't just symbolize adventure—it epitomises it,” the company release added.


The Thar Earth Edition builds upon the Mahindra Thar's legacy of adventure and exploration, aiming to captivate and expand the community of Thar enthusiasts, said the company release. As per the company, ex-showroom price of 'Thar Earth Edition' manual transmission diesel variant is Rs 15.40 lakh while the automatic transmission of the diesel variant vehicle is priced at Rs 17.60 lakh.  

This special edition, with its unique satin matte 'Desert Fury' finish, is designed to make this iconic SUV more distinctive, with a promise to inspire a new wave of adventurers to embrace the 'Thar Life’, the company has claimed.


Available in both diesel and petrol versions, with manual and automatic, the Earth Edition promises an exclusive 4x4 experience in the LX Hard Top Variant.

Exquisite Exterior, Interior 

Desert Fury satin matte finish instantly brings to mind the desert sand and its texture, with the metallic treatment very effectively capturing the ‘sand sparkle’, said the company release. 

The dune-inspired decals on the doors and rear fender, the silver alloys, and the matte black badges add to its uniqueness. The Earth Edition badge, proudly displayed on the B-pillars, signifies the special edition's exclusivity. The interiors are just as inspiring, with a black coloured-base and light beige accents hinting at the forever shifting, floating nature of sand.


The 'Thar Earth Edition' offers beige leatherette seats featuring dune designs on the headrests. The cabin is further enhanced with Desert Fury inserts on the AC vents, steering wheel, center console accent, and the Thar branding on doors.

The theme is elevated with embellishments of dark chrome accents. Each of the Thar Earth Edition SUVs will come with a unique numbered decorative VIN plate starting with serial number 1, said the company statement.


Published February 27th, 2024 at 18:48 IST