Updated April 25th, 2024 at 18:28 IST

ACC PAT jumps 216% to Rs 748.58 crore in Q4

Volume up by 23.5%, revenues up 13% YoY; Dividend on equity shares at Rs. 7.50 per share.

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Q4 earnings: Cement and Building materials company ACC Limited (ACC) , a part of the diversified Adani Group has announced earnings for Q4 and full year ended March 31, 2024. The improved performance is attributed to all round improvement in volume, cost and efficiency parameters, said a company statement. 

As per the company statement, significant improvements were seen in all financial matrices. “Revenue growth at 13 per cent and operating EBITDA was up 79 per cent while the EBITDA margin up from 9.8 per cent to 15.5 per cent,” said the statement.    


A total of Rs 1,044 crore cash flows generated from the Operations in Q4, Rs 2,995 Cr in FY 24. Cash and cash equivalent at Rs 4,667 crore, Consolidated Net Worth at Rs. 16,333 Cr, up by Rs. 2,191 Cr from FY23. Business Working Capital is amongst the best in comparison with peers and stands at 13 days cycle.

EPS(Diluted) Rs. 50.2 in Mar’24 quarter, compared to Rs 12.5 in March 23 quarter. 


Ajay Kapur, Whole Time Director & CEO, ACC Limited said, “We continue to solidify our position as a frontrunner in the cement industry. Our financial performance with jump in EBITDA by 138 per cent during the year is a testament to the flexibility and strong foundation of our business model,”

“The trust of our customers and our commitment to building a sustainable future with investment in efficiency improvements, green power etc. has furthered our success, as we emerge even stronger than before. With passing time ACC is getting younger and stronger with the expansion and performance efficiency plans,” said the statement.  





Published April 25th, 2024 at 18:28 IST