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Amid Musk’s China visit, Tesla seeks self-driving technology rollout

After meeting Chinese Premier Qiang, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says know each other since 2018.

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Amid Musk’s China visit, Tesla seeks self-driving technology rollout | Image:AP

Tesla's China Plans: Tesla CEO Elon Musk's surprise visit to China has fuelled speculations over the possibility of American Electric Vehicle (EV) giant's plans for the world's largest auto market. Musk's arrival in Beijing comes amid discussions with senior officials regarding the rollout of Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) software and approval for transferring data overseas.

During his visit, Musk met with Premier Li Qiang, as reported by Chinese state media. Premier Li commended Tesla's contribution to US-China economic and trade cooperation, citing Tesla's successful development in China. Musk took to social media platform X to express his gratitude, underscoring his longstanding relationship with Premier Li dating back to Tesla's early days in Shanghai.


Tesla's China Plans of 2018 

Tesla's foray into China dates back to 2018 when it reached an agreement with Chinese authorities to establish its Shanghai plant, its first outside the US Despite being Tesla's second-largest market globally, China has yet to experience the rollout of FSD, prompting anticipation among consumers.
The delay in FSD's release in China has provided an opportunity for rival Chinese automakers like Xpeng to vie for market advantage by introducing similar autonomous driving software. Musk aims to address regulatory concerns by seeking approval to transfer data collected in China overseas for training Tesla's autonomous driving algorithms.
Musk's visit aligns with China's ongoing Beijing auto show, where the country's smart new energy vehicle (NEV) sector has gained prominence. The Tesla CEO's engagements with Chinese government officials and industry leaders reflect the company's commitment to navigating the complexities of the Chinese market.


Tesla's vice president in China, Grace Tao, emphasized the significance of autonomous driving technologies in propelling the EV industry forward. With China's unique traffic conditions providing valuable training scenarios, Tesla remains at the forefront of autonomous driving research and development.
Despite Tesla's ambitious plans, challenges loom on the horizon. The company faces scrutiny from U.S. auto safety regulators following a recall announcement and a recent decline in quarterly revenue. Additionally, the intensifying price war in the EV market, led by Chinese brands, poses further challenges to Tesla's growth trajectory.

Elon Musk's visit to China underscores Tesla's strategic focus on expanding its presence in one of the world's most critical markets for electric vehicles. As discussions on FSD rollout and data transfer progress, Tesla remains poised to navigate regulatory challenges while capitalizing on opportunities for innovation and growth.


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