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Hero Splendor e-bike could feature GoGoA1’s newly developed kit

Hero Splendor's e-bike could possibly feature the GoGoA1’s newly developed kit, rather than the current electric conversion kit

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Hero Splendor electric bike | Image:YouTube Screengrab

e-bike Kit: Hero MotoCorp's Splendor electric, which underwent spy testing in Pune, could possibly feature the GoGoA1’s newly developed kit, rather than the current electric conversion kit on sale.

Electric mobility is currently witnessing a higher than expected growth in India, as the country is the largest market for the two-wheeler segment, according to media reports.


GoGoA1 is among the top players operating in two-wheeler EV space, and their approach to electric mobility includes electrifying the present internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, rather than pushing for new electrical vehicles.

Image credit: Hero MotoCorp

The possibilties about GoGoA1 arose after an electric Hero Splendor underwent a spy testing in Pune. The Hero Splendor prototype motorcycle comes with a red temporary number plates and camouflaging all over its body, including its engine bay.


Looking at the motorcycle though pictures circulated online, the prototype bike is a Hero Splendor with the seat cover reading Splendor. The Rear grab rail design suggests that this particular motorcycle might be an older unit.

Also, the overall condition of this motorcycle suggests that it could be an older bike, as the bike was spot tested in Pune with the prototype electric powertrain, as per media reports.


Reportedly, the prototype has been likely developed by GoGoA1, the leading company to create electric conversion kits, however,  there is a possibility of this being the work of a new player that is yet to reveal its identity, as per media reports.

Speculation of a new conversation kit till surrounds the launch of this upcoming bike, meanwhile, GoGoA1 has already made an electric conversion kit dedicated to the entire range of Splendor motorbikes.


However, there may be a new kit under testing that could consist of an upgraded battery for an improved range from a single charge.


Published January 22nd, 2024 at 15:58 IST