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Porsche Macan's EV Turbo launch in India at Rs 1.65 crore

The automotive major's India arm has opened bookings for the Macan Turbo, with an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.65 crore

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Porsche Macan EV | Image:Porsche

EV Launch: The German automaker Porsche has revealed its second electric car in the  form of an  all-new electric Macan, which will arrive with a choice of two four-wheel-drive variants, 408 hp Macan 4 and the 639 hp Macan Turbo, as per media reports. 

The automotive major's India arm has opened bookings for the Macan Turbo, with an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.65 crore, while deliveries are slated to commence by the second half of 2024. The company has however not released any details regarding pricing for the Macan 4 variant in India. 


The latest e-Macan is 103 mm longer, 15 mm wider and 2 mm lower than the existing petrol model.  

It has been developed alongside the Audi Q6 E-tron, sharing its Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture and key parts of its chassis, batteries and power electronics with the new Porsche. The electric Cayenne will also use the PPE platform.


Exterior look

The exterior styling moves away from the familiar look established by the original Macan and draws on design cues from the Taycan, most notably in its distinctive rectangular headlights and wraparound LED rear light bar, according to an Auto Car India report. 


The roofline and overall silhouette are significantly sleeker than the first-generation Macan, particularly in the rakish rear end, which houses a retractable spoiler that deploys in various stages to increase downforce, it said. 

EV interior and features

The interior matches that of the present Cayenne in terms of style and layout, it added. 

It features up to three digital displays: a standard 12.6-inch curved instrument cluster and 10.9-inch infotainment touchscreen, plus an optional separate 10.9-inch touchscreen for the passenger, which allows them to stream videos and adjust various controls.


As with the Cayenne, the gear selector has been moved from the centre console to a higher position on the dashboard, providing additional space for two cupholders and a smartphone charging pad within the centre console.

The longer wheelbase enables greater leg room in both rows, while boot space is claimed to be 540 litres, and there is an 84-litre ‘frunk’ too.


Porsche Macan EV powertrain and motor

The electric Macan models utilises the dual permanent synchronous motors with a single-speed gearbox on each axle. In the Macan 4, the company will deliver a combined 408 hp and 650 Nm to give a 0-100 kph time of 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 220 kph. 


The Macan Turbo also offers 639 hp and up to 1,130 Nm for short intervals of over boost, enabling a 0-100 kph in 3.3 sec and a 260 kph top speed.

EV battery, range

The Macan’s 95 kWh battery can be charged at up to 270 kW on an 800 V DC system, giving a 10-80 per cent top-up within 21 minutes, according to Porsche. 

Up to 240 kW of electric energy can be recuperated under braking and deceleration. The official WLTP ranges are put at 613 km for the Macan 4 and 591km for the Macan Turbo.




Published January 28th, 2024 at 13:29 IST