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Tesla Dials Back Ambitious Model Plans, Shares Surge

Tesla's new approach involves building these upcoming models on its existing manufacturing lines.

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Tesla Model Plans: Tesla announced on Tuesday a significant departure from its earlier ambitious plans, opting to introduce "new models" utilising its current platforms and production lines by early 2025. This move marks a retreat from the previously anticipated launch of an all-new model expected to cost $25,000, and it triggered a surge in Tesla shares during after-hours trading, offering a much-needed boost after a period of declining sales and fierce competition.

CEO Elon Musk refrained from divulging specific details about the upcoming vehicles but indicated they would include more affordable models set for production by early 2025, just ahead of the previously targeted launch window for the Model 2. While Reuters had reported Tesla's abandonment of the Model 2 plans earlier in April, neither Tesla nor Musk directly addressed this during the recent announcement.


Tesla's new approach involves building these upcoming models on its existing manufacturing lines, leveraging aspects of its current platform alongside a next-generation platform. However, the company cautioned that this strategy might result in less cost reduction than initially anticipated, potentially pushing consumer prices beyond the expected $25,000 mark for the Model 2.

By opting to forego an all-new model with a "revolutionary" production process, Tesla aims to mitigate risks while still benefiting from the engineering work already completed. This move implies a shift in the company's focus towards maintaining capital efficiency amidst uncertain market conditions.


Moreover, Tesla hinted at plans for a "purpose-built robotaxi product" with a revolutionary manufacturing process, though no timeline was provided. Musk elaborated on Tesla's broader ambitions, envisioning the company's evolution into an AI robotics entity rather than merely an automaker, highlighting plans for operating a fleet of autonomous vehicles akin to a combination of Airbnb and Uber.

While investors welcomed Tesla's pivot towards more affordable car offerings, some remained cautious, citing the company's history of delays in product rollouts. Nevertheless, the market responded positively, with Tesla shares surging by 12.5% in extended trading, reclaiming some of the losses incurred earlier in the year.


Despite weaker-than-expected quarterly results, Tesla's strategic shift signifies a recalibration of its growth trajectory, potentially saving substantial investments in redesigning cars and establishing new production lines. This move aligns with broader industry trends, with other automakers also adjusting their strategies in response to evolving market dynamics and intensifying competition.

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