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ClearMotion to supply smooth suspension tech for Nio's ET9 EV

Tech transfer is a part of contract covering 7.50 lakh cars over the lifetime of the luxury sedan model.

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Nio EP9 | Image:Nio EV

Having created a buzz in Americas startup ecosystem of late, ClearMotion will supply its active suspension technology for Chinese Electric Vehicle (EV) maker Nio's upcoming ET9. The tech transfer is part of a contract covering 750,000 cars over the lifetime of the luxury sedan model, the two companies have said.

Nio was due to launch the ET9 on Saturday and the EV is likely to go into production in late 2024.


The founder and Chief Technology Officer of ClearMotion , Zack Anderson said the company's ClearMotion1 suspension system uses a combination of hardware - a small unit containing a motor and power electronics sits in each wheel well of a vehicle - and software to read the road ahead and cut motion inside the car by "about 75% compared to the best technology in the market today".

"We take sensor data and we do very high-speed analytics where we predict what's about to happen in the road before it hits the chassis of the car," Anderson said.


Anderson said ClearMotion is talking to numerous other automakers, including in Europe and America, adding that the company expects to publicly announce at least one more customer next year.

At present, ClearMotion has a factory in China and aims to build more production close to future customers, Anderson said.


"A lot of people get motion sick if they try to work in a car," he said. "Motion control is really the key to fixing that."

Firstly, the technology will be used for luxury vehicles, as automakers want to use it to make their new EVs stand out, Anderson said.


ClearMotion has raised $350 million to date and its key investors include venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates, Nio's venture capital arm NIO Capital, venture capital fund Nextview Ventures and JPMorgan.

"We're looking at probably another capital raise down the road, but right now we're pretty well financed," Anderson said. 


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Published December 23rd, 2023 at 19:15 IST