Updated December 22nd, 2023 at 23:42 IST

Disagree with UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal decision: Motorola Solutions

The company said it was considering all options, including an intent to appeal decision to court.

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UK Antitrust Tribunal Upholds CMA's Decision on Motorola's Airwave Network Pricing | Image:Unsplash

Motorola Solutions has said that it disagrees with UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal's Decisions on airwave system. “We are considering all options, including our intent to appeal decision to court of appeal. Motorola solutions-believe this unprecedented overreach will have a chilling effect on long-term investment and contracting with UK government sources,” it said.  Earlier Motorola Solutions was keenly awaiting the United Kingdom (UK) Competition Appeal Tribunal decision in the appeal of a Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ruling about the Airwave TETRA system that would cost the company about $200 million in annual revenue, according to CEO Greg Brown said. 

Brown had said during the critical-communication giant’s conference call with financial analysts to review the company’s strong performance during the third quarter that ended on September 30.
Brown reiterated his belief that the CMA’s price-control ruling that could cost Motorola Solutions more than $1 billion during the next several years of anticipated Airwave operation is “unprecedented, overreaching and entirely disproportionate.” Representatives for the company made this argument before the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) during a two-day hearing that was conducted in early August.
Some industry observers expected the tribunal to issue its ruling by now, but that has not occurred yet. However, Brown said he believes that a ruling will be released within the next several weeks. “I would anticipate getting it [a decision from the CAT] certainly between now and the end of the year,” Brown said during the conference call with analysts.


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Published December 22nd, 2023 at 23:42 IST