Updated November 22nd, 2023 at 20:16 IST

EV charger deal: Servotech Power Systems secures 2,649-unit order from Bharat Petroleum

The manufacturer will produce, supply, and install 2,649 AC EV chargers nationwide, strategically placing them at petrol pumps in major cities.

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Servotech Power Systems has secured an order for 2,649 electric vehicle (EV) chargers from Bharat Petroleum Corporation, a state-owned refiner. The exact value of the order remains undisclosed. Servotech Power Systems, a notable EV charger manufacturer, announced this development in a statement released on Wednesday.

The manufacturer will be responsible for the production, supply, and installation of 2,649 AC EV chargers strategically positioned across the nation. These chargers will be deployed at petrol pumps in major cities as part of the BPCL E-drive Project, aiming to promote the widespread adoption of EV charging solutions.

The range of EV chargers for this project includes both 3 kW and 7 kW models. Manufacturing and production of these AC chargers have already commenced, with charger supply scheduled to begin on December 15th. The entire delivery process is expected to conclude within three months.

Previous e-mobility project

This collaboration between Servotech Power Systems and BPCL is not the first; the two entities had previously partnered to work on the E-Mobility landscape. In a prior project, Servotech Power Systems supplied and installed 800 units of 30 kW DC fast EV chargers at various locations across the country as part of BPCL's E-drive initiative.

Servotech Power Systems will oversee the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of AC EV chargers in this latest project. The objective is to establish e-mobility touchpoints that streamline transactions, improve availability, simplify navigation for EV users, and enhance the overall accessibility of the EV charging network.

Sarika Bhatia, Director, Servotech Power Systems, highlighted the positive impact of implementing these chargers, stating that it will not only enhance the convenience of EV charging but also contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Servotech Power Systems, listed on the NSE, is known for developing tech-enabled EV charging solutions, leveraging over two decades of experience and expertise in the electronics space.

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Published November 22nd, 2023 at 20:16 IST