Updated May 8th, 2024 at 16:20 IST

Google launches digital wallet for Android users

Unlike the Google Pay app, which focuses on managing finances, Google Wallet serves specific non-payment purposes.

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Google’s digital wallet | Image:Pexels

Google introduced its Google Wallet app for Android users in India on Wednesday, providing a secure platform for storing essential items such as boarding passes, loyalty cards, event tickets, and public transport passes.

Ram Papatia, GM and India Engineering Lead, Android at Google, highlighted that Google Pay will continue as the primary payment app, while Google Wallet is designed specifically for non-payment purposes. He highlighted the goal of creating an open software ecosystem where carriers, OEMs, and developers can innovate and deliver exceptional products.


Google has collaborated with 20 Indian brands including Air India, IndiGo, Flipkart, Pine Labs, Kochi Metro, PVR, and INOX for the launch of Google Wallet, with plans to onboard more partners in the future. The app enables users to store various items such as movie/event tickets, boarding passes, metro tickets, office badges, and digitised documents in one organised location for quick and secure access.

In a statement, Google underlined that Google Wallet offers users a centralised hub for accessing everyday essentials securely and efficiently.


Papatia indicated that Google may explore the concept of an all-in-one app catering to both payment and non-payment needs in the future. However, the current focus lies on value creation, partner onboarding, and building trust.

Security and privacy are fundamental to Google Wallet, with the company reaffirming its commitment to providing users with openness, choice, and safety.


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