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Indian Overseas Bank implements strategies to combat non-performing accounts

IOB has extended invitation to asset reconstruction companies to participate in the upcoming e-auction.

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Indian Overseas Bank implements strategies to combat non-performing accounts | Image:Freepik

IOB has extended invitation: Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) has embarked on a strategic journey to mitigate non-performing accounts (NPAs) by adopting a multifaceted approach aimed at maximising recovery from such accounts.

According to a statement released by the bank, these initiatives have resulted in a significant reduction in gross NPA, decreasing to 3.90 per cent as of December 31, 2023, from 11.69 per cent recorded on March 31, 2021.


In its continued commitment to sustain this progress, IOB has announced the publication of a sale notification encompassing 92 NPA loans, totaling an outstanding due of Rs 13,471.68 crore.

The statement highlighted IOB's proactive measures, stating, "Indian Overseas Bank has embraced a multi-pronged strategy to ensure maximum recovery in NPA accounts. This includes the timely implementation of recovery measures such as securitization and reconstruction of financial assets, enforcement of security interest (SARFAESI) actions, compromise settlement schemes, and sale to asset reconstruction companies."


IOB has extended an invitation to asset reconstruction companies to participate in the upcoming e-auction scheduled for May 28. Detailed information regarding the list of NPA accounts up for auction will be accessible on the bank's official website, www.iob.in.

The move reflects IOB's commitment to proactively manage its NPAs and strengthen its financial position. By leveraging a combination of strategic approaches, including asset reconstruction and compromise settlement schemes, the bank aims to expedite the recovery process and optimise asset quality.


The announcement underscores IOB's dedication to transparency and efficiency in its NPA resolution efforts. Through strategic collaborations and leveraging digital platforms for auction proceedings, the bank aims to maximise returns and minimise the impact of NPAs on its balance sheet.

With the e-auction slated for May 28, stakeholders, including asset reconstruction companies and potential investors, have an opportunity to participate in the resolution process. This transparent and inclusive approach aligns with IOB's commitment to accountability and prudent financial management.


As IOB continues its efforts to combat NPAs and enhance asset quality, stakeholders can expect the bank to remain focused on implementing effective strategies to mitigate risks and strengthen its position in the banking sector.

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Published May 5th, 2024 at 19:06 IST