Updated December 30th, 2023 at 14:31 IST

AirAsia Berhad CEO Riad Asmat to resign, take up advisory role

The decision, effective from Sunday, marks a notable change in leadership for the airline.

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AirAsia Berhad, the budget airline operator has announced the resignation of Riad Asmat, Chief Executive Officer of its Malaysia unit. Asmat, who took on the role in January 2018, is set to step down from his position, with plans to transition into an advisory role on the company's board.

The decision, effective from Sunday, marks a notable change in leadership for the airline. While the announcement was made without specific details regarding the reasons for Asmat's departure, AirAsia Aviation Group hinted at forthcoming updates on the company's restructuring initiatives and personnel changes within the group.


AirAsia, a prominent player in the budget airline sector, has been navigating challenges posed by the dynamic aviation industry, particularly in the wake of the global pandemic. As the company moves forward, these organisational changes are likely to be part of a strategic realignment aimed at addressing evolving market conditions and ensuring the sustained growth of the airline.

The transition to an advisory role for Riad Asmat underscores a continued commitment to leveraging his expertise and insights for the benefit of the company, even in a different capacity. As the aviation sector continues to recover and adapt to new realities, the leadership changes within AirAsia will be closely monitored by industry observers and stakeholders alike. Further details on the restructuring and any subsequent appointments are eagerly awaited by the business community.


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