Updated May 7th, 2024 at 16:42 IST

Apple likely to unveil new iPads with enhanced AI capabilities

Apple introduces new iPads in May coinciding with the period when educational institutions make purchasing decisions for the upcoming academic year.

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Apple iPad | Image:Unsplash

Tech giant Apple is gearing up to host a virtual event on Tuesday, where it is expected to unveil new iPad models, potentially featuring a new chip designed to accelerate artificial intelligence tasks performed on the devices.

The upcoming product launch event comes amid rising competition in which Silicon Valley heavyweights are prioritising the integration of AI into their products across various sectors to assert dominance in the field of emerging technology.


Traditionally, Apple introduces new iPads in May, coinciding with the period when educational institutions make purchasing decisions for the upcoming academic year. However, in recent years, the company has shifted its focus towards transforming higher-end models, particularly the iPad Pro series, into devices tailored for creative and professional use.

The spotlight is on these premium tablets, which currently house Apple-designed chips previously utilised in the company's MacBook laptops, for a potential upgrade with a new processor optimized for AI tasks. Details regarding the specific AI features powered by the new chips may be unveiled during Apple's annual software developer conference next month.


While AI functionalities such as enhancing video calls or facilitating app-based tasks may not trigger a surge in upgrades immediately, analysts emphasize the need for Apple to deliver a compelling and transformative user experience to drive adoption.

As rivals like Microsoft and Google intensify their AI endeavours, Apple faces pressure to demonstrate its commitment to leveraging AI technology effectively. Despite challenges such as weak iPhone demand and stiff competition in key markets like China, Apple remains optimistic about its prospects in the AI space, with CEO Tim Cook hinting at forthcoming announcements in the realm of generative AI.


Analysts suggest that upgraded iPads could serve as a platform for Apple to introduce new chips ahead of its developer conference, potentially showcasing advancements in automating tasks and enhancing Siri's capabilities.

However, Apple's commitment to user privacy remains a central consideration, as the company navigates the balance between improving AI features and safeguarding user data, emphasizing the importance of on-device processing for privacy-conscious consumers.


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Published May 7th, 2024 at 16:42 IST