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Google confirms layoffs, few roles to be relocated to Bengaluru

This follows previous job cuts implemented across Google and the broader tech and media industry in 2024.

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Google layoffs | Image:Unsplash

Google layoffs: Alphabet Inc-owned Google confirmed employee layoffs on Wednesday in a move aimed at cost reduction. The company spokesperson declined to disclose the exact number of employees impacted or the specific teams involved. However, they did clarify that the layoffs are not company-wide and that affected employees will be considered for open internal positions.

The layoffs come amidst Google's ongoing efforts to streamline operations and optimise resource allocation. A small portion of the impacted roles will be relocated to strategic hubs the company is actively developing, including India (Bangalore), the United States (Chicago and Atlanta), and Ireland (Dublin).


This follows previous job cuts implemented across Google and the broader tech and media industry in 2024. These developments fuel concerns about a potential sustained period of job reductions as companies navigate economic uncertainties.

"The latter half of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 saw several teams within Google undertake restructuring initiatives to enhance efficiency, optimise workflows, reduce hierarchical layers, and align resources with top product priorities," explained the Google spokesperson.


Real estate and finance departments impacted

According to a Wednesday report from Business Insider, employees in Google's real estate and finance departments have been affected by the layoffs.  The finance department specifically includes teams in treasury, business services, and revenue cash operations.


Business Insider further reports that Google's CFO, Ruth Porat, communicated a restructuring plan to staff that involves expanding growth efforts in Bangalore (India), Mexico City, and Dublin (Ireland).

Earlier layoffs

In January 2024, Google initiated layoffs impacting hundreds of employees across various teams, including engineering, hardware, and the Google Assistant division. These job cuts coincided with the company's increased investment in artificial intelligence development.

Reports suggest that Google CEO Sundar Pichai had already prepared employees for the possibility of further job cuts earlier this year.


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Published April 18th, 2024 at 14:14 IST