Updated May 7th, 2024 at 19:17 IST

OpenAI unveils image detection tool for DALL-E 3 creations

According to OpenAI, new tool has demonstrated an impressive accuracy rate, correctly identifying DALL-E 3 images.

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OpenAI | Image:Unsplash

OpenAI has announced the launch of a groundbreaking tool designed to identify images generated by its innovative text-to-image generator, DALL-E 3. The development comes amid growing concerns surrounding the proliferation of AI-generated content ahead of this year's global elections, with OpenAI taking proactive steps to address potential misuse.

According to the Microsoft-backed startup, the new tool has demonstrated an impressive accuracy rate, correctly identifying DALL-E 3 images approximately 98 per cent of the time during internal testing. Furthermore, the tool boasts the capability to accommodate common modifications such as compression, cropping, and saturation changes while maintaining its effectiveness.


In addition to image detection, OpenAI plans to implement tamper-resistant watermarking technology aimed at safeguarding digital content such as photos and audio. These watermarks are designed to provide a robust signal that is challenging to remove, enhancing the integrity and authenticity of media.

As part of its broader initiatives, OpenAI has joined forces with industry leaders including Google, Microsoft, and Adobe to establish standards for tracing the origin of various types of media. This collaborative effort seeks to address the increasing prevalence of AI-generated content and deepfakes, which have been exploited in elections worldwide, including in India, the United States, Pakistan, and Indonesia.


Highlighting the urgency of the issue, OpenAI referenced recent incidents during India's general election, where fake videos featuring prominent Bollywood actors criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral online.

To further support societal resilience against the potential misuse of AI technology, OpenAI and Microsoft have jointly launched a $2 million fund dedicated to AI education initiatives.


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Published May 7th, 2024 at 19:17 IST