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Power sector has seen transformational changes in last 9 years: R K Singh

The minister underscored the substantial growth in total inter-regional power transmission capacity.

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Transformational changes: Union Minister R K Singh highlighted the transformative journey of the power sector over the last nine years, emphasising ambitious goals for the future, during the inauguration of the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association's flagship event, BID 2024.

Singh articulated the significant strides made in the power sector, transitioning it from a state of power deficiency to power sufficiency. Over the past nine years, the addition of 1,90,700 circuit kilometres (ckm), representing a remarkable 65 per cent increase, has propelled the transmission network to 4,79,185 ckm. This achievement has positioned it as the largest national synchronous grid globally.


Growth in the sector

The minister underscored the growth in total inter-regional power transmission capacity, which has more than doubled in nine years, reaching an impressive 1,16,540 MW.


Singh expressed the government's monumental ambition in the energy transition, with plans to achieve 500 GW of non-fossil-based electricity installed capacity by 2030. This commitment aligns with the nation's broader strategy to enhance sustainability and reduce reliance on conventional energy sources.

Providing insights into the current renewable energy landscape, Singh revealed that the government already boasts an installed renewable energy capacity of 1,79,570 MW, constituting 43 per cent of the total capacity. Additionally, another 99,000 MW is currently under installation, reinforcing the government's commitment to expanding its renewable energy footprint.


The minister's address reflects the government's dedication to advancing the power sector, embracing cleaner and sustainable energy solutions, and steering the nation towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious future.

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Published January 16th, 2024 at 19:39 IST