Updated March 10th, 2024 at 17:27 IST

Shanghai Zhenhua denies cybersecurity risks in US port crane allegations

ZPMC's denial follows US congressional concerns regarding its collaboration with ABB in outfitting ship-to-shore cranes for the United States.

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Shanghai Zhenhua | Image:Shutterstock

Cybersecurity allegations refuted: Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries has refuted allegations suggesting that its cranes pose cybersecurity risks to US ports. This denial comes after US congressional committees raised concerns about ZPMC's collaboration with Swiss engineering group ABB in equipping ship-to-shore cranes bound for the United States.

In response to the scrutiny from the House of Representatives security panels, ZPMC stressed its focus on addressing US concerns while asserting that the reports lacked sufficient factual review. The company stated that the cranes it supplies do not present any cybersecurity threats to ports.

ABB, on its part, clarified that it provides control and electrification equipment to various crane manufacturers globally, including those in China, which then sell the cranes directly to US ports.

Tensions between the US and China in cybersecurity and industrial espionage domains are not new, with both nations frequently accusing each other of such activities. Earlier this year, Washington disclosed disrupting a Chinese cyber-spying operation targeting US infrastructure and initiated investigations into Chinese vehicle imports over national security concerns, following previous actions such as barring Chinese telecom companies.

ZPMC highlighted that its cranes are utilised in ports worldwide, including the United States, and adhere to international standards and relevant laws and regulations. As one of the largest port machinery manufacturers globally, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, ZPMC owns a substantial fleet of transportation vessels, according to its website.

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Published March 10th, 2024 at 17:27 IST