Updated February 8th, 2024 at 14:10 IST

Rose Day Rush: 251 roses sold per minute at peak on Swiggy

On February 7 i.e. Rose Day around the Valentine's Day fervour, quickcommerce platform Swiggy shared interesting trends from Instamart users.

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Swiggy | Image:Swiggy

Not so single: Quickcommerce platform Swiggy has shared interesting trends around Rose Day on February 7.

Earlier today, we peaked at 251 roses ordered per minute,” the company posted on X.

Sharing more interesting trends, Swiggy said a single person from Gurugram ordered 47 roses in a single order today. 


The average order per minute for roses on Wednesday was 54, Swiggy said.

Platforms like Blinkit and Zepto have also introduced interesting features around the Valentines Week, celebrated by lovers on February 14.


 Zomato-owned instant delivery grocery mart BlinkIt has introduced a ‘Single Mode’ on its app. Users can switch to ‘Single Mode’ to see curated products for options for party with friends, binge and chill, and self-care products. When the “Single Mode” is turned off, products such as flowers, cards, chocolates, gifts, and sexual wellness products come into display.

Zepto co-founder and CEO Aadit Palicha shared an interesting rose-themed graphics depicting a 15x jump in rose sales on the platform, peaking at 6 pm as compared to a normal day. 

Zepto shows rose animation and petals falling on its interface on the topical day. The platforms are known for interesting marketing pegs around events for millennial and Gen Z users. 


Published February 7th, 2024 at 21:40 IST