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World Dosa Day: How many did India order every minute?

From peaking orders in Bengaluru to becoming a Chandigarh favourite, here are some interesting Dosa order trends

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World Dosa Day | Image:Freepik

Favourite across: Dosa reminds one of a crisp crepe-like rice pancake that is a preferred breakfast for most Indians.

With the World Dosa Day celebrated today on March 3, food delivery platform Swiggy has shared some interesting order insights showing the love India has for the South Indian dish.


Swiggy received about 3 crore (2.9 million) orders for Dosas in the past one year, which makes the per minute delivery average as 122.

The orders were most placed around breakfast, which shows the popularity of the culinary delight among customers.


Where did the most orders come from?

Most orders for Dosas were received from cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, as per an order analysis spanning from February 25, 2023 to February 25, 2024.

Bengaluru, which is touted to be the Dosa capital of India, has seen charts top in terms of order but also overtaken major cities.


So much so, that Bengaluru overtook Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata combined when it comes to ordering dosas.

But surprisingly, Chandigarh, which is known for indulging in north Indian delicacies like parathas, saw  Masala Dosa emerge as its favourite dish.

Other cities which saw most Dosa orders include Ranchi, Coimbatore, Pune and Bhopal.


Peak of Order-Ins

Interestingly, a single user from Coimbatore placed the highest number of Dosa orders at 447 plates in 2023.
The dish was the second most ordered dish during the month of Ramzan, the cricket world cup in November and during the Indian Premier League.


It also emerged as the top vegetarian dish ordered during the Navratri season.

Prime Time for Dosas

Dosas were most ordered during breakfast hours, followed by dinner.

Chennai saw the most orders for dosas during dinner, emerging with the highest inclination towards the trend.


People from Hyderabad contributed in solidifying dosa’s position as a favourite snack-time dish.

Fusion to Staples

Even as several variants of dosas are available for order, people still stuck with the traditional choice of classic Masala Dosa.

Other than that, Plain Dosa, Set Dosa, Onion Dosa and Butter Masala Dosa emerged as customer favourites.


Other offbeat innovations of the dish include Chocolate Dosa, Pav Bhaji Noodles Palak Dosa, Schezwan Chop Suey Special Dosa, Dilkhush Dosa, Lays Dosa and American Chopsey Dosa with Paneer.





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