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Telegram to hit 1 billion users within a year: Founder

Durov, the founder, insists that his app with 900 million users remains neutral, steering clear of geopolitical involvement despite government pressure.

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Telegram targets a billion: Telegram, a messaging app, is projected to surpass one billion active monthly users within a year, according to its founder, Pavel Durov. Durov, who left Russia in 2014 amidst disagreements over censorship demands, likened Telegram's growth to a "forest fire," stressing its current user base of 900 million.

Despite pressure from certain governments, Durov asserts that Telegram should remain an impartial platform, steering clear of geopolitics. Telegram competes with Meta Platforms' WhatsApp, which boasts over two billion monthly active users. 

Telegram's market entry

Reports suggest Telegram may pursue a US listing once profitability is achieved. The app, particularly influential in former Soviet Union republics, ranks amongst major social media platforms globally.

Since the 2022 Russia-Ukraine conflict, Telegram has become a primary source of unfiltered information, though content may sometimes be graphic or misleading. Durov conceived the encrypted messaging app as a means of communication under pressure in Russia, with encryption designed by his brother Nikolai.

Addressing claims of Russian control, Durov dismissed them as rumours spread by competitors. He stressed his focus on independence, having left Russia to avoid government influence. Durov also highlighted challenges from major tech firms like Apple and Google, which he accuses of potential censorship.

Telegram's neutral stand

Choosing the United Arab Emirates as Telegram's base, Durov cited its neutrality and desire for friendly relations with all nations. Telegram, used by both opposition groups and governments, maintains a stance of neutrality, facilitating the exchange of diverse ideas.

Durov prioritises personal freedom over material wealth, owning minimal property beyond cryptocurrency.

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Published April 17th, 2024 at 13:48 IST