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How Delhi Police established Dawood Ibrahim's hand in 2013 spot-fixing case

Delhi Police targeted Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar in the 2013 spot-fixing case, exposing D Company's operations, amid speculation about his health and rumored death.

Reported by: Piyush Ohrie
Edited by: Shweta Singh
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New Delhi:  The Delhi Police zeroed in on Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar in the 2013 spot-fixing case, unraveling the intricacies of the D Company's operations. Speculation about the 68-year-old's failing health and even rumors of his demise persist. Despite being designated a United Nations Global Designated terrorist in 2003, the D Company remains resilient.

Delhi Police's comprehensive investigation unveiled the working processes, connections, and networks involving individuals from India, the Middle East, and Pakistan. This investigation shed light on Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar's extensive involvement. Republic Digital revisited this probe, revealing Dawood's remarkable ability to survive against the odds and highlighting Pakistan as a safe haven for him and his associates.


Born in Mumbke village, Khed Taluka District Ratnagiri, Dawood earned a significant income through betting and match-fixing for the D Company. He would set rates and communicate them to Chotta Shakkel, also known as Shakeel Mohinuddin Shaikh. The rivalry between D Company and the Chotta Rajan Gang over control of the Mumbai betting racket resulted in bloody murders, including the deaths of Chotta Shakeel's associates Zahid Mir in 2004 and Chhote Miyan in 2008.

Managing the betting racket were key associates of D Company, Feroz Farid Ansari and Ramesh Vyas, who collaborated with Ashwini Aggarwal (Tinku Mandi) of Delhi. Ashwini, in turn, had connections with D Gang associates in Pakistan, the Middle East, and India. Javed Chutani, residing in Karachi and working as a Hawala operator in Dubai, was a crucial aide with direct contact with Dawood. Javed also had links within Pakistan, connecting with various accused both in India and abroad.


Dawood's extensive network included associates such as Salman alias Master (Lahore), Nayyar Sheikh (providing broadband and telephone connections for Chotta Shakeel), Rehmat (Lahore), and Etheysham (Karachi). In India, contacts included Sanjay Aggarwal alias Chottu Nagpur (Nagpur), Chandresh Jain (Ahmedabad), Sandeep Sharma (Punjab), and Amir (Hyderabad).

It's crucial to note that Dawood operated within such vast and complicated networks due to the safe haven provided by Pakistan. Originally from Dongri, Mumbai, Dawood owned properties there and several in Pakistan, including locations in Karachi and Islamabad.


Despite Dawood's indirect role in the betting scandal, a financial dispute between Javed Chutani and one of the accused prompted direct involvement from Dawood and Chotta Shakeel. This development ultimately led to Delhi Police designating Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar as the key accused in India's most-wanted spot-fixing racket, emphasizing his role in the unfolding scenario.


Published December 19th, 2023 at 15:30 IST