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‘Dangerous Decade’ Ahead as Military Spending Surges Amid War-Like Crises Around the World: Reports

IISS report shows how the world is becoming more dangerous because of conflicts like Ukraine, tensions in the SCS, and nuclear threats from DPRK.

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IISS in its reports also mentioned in the report that Global defence spending went up by 9 percent to $2.2 trillion last year. | Image:euroschoolindia

New Delhi: The world is getting more unstable as countries increase military spending. This is because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, attacks by Hamas on Israel, and China's assertiveness in the South China Sea, as per a report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies. 

Further the IISS also states about tensions rising in the Arctic, North Korea trying to get nuclear weapons, and military regimes growing in Africa's Sahel region. The London-based think tank has compiled its annual estimate of the global military situation for the past 65 years.


Likely to Be More Dangerous Decade: IISS

The report says, "The current military-security situation heralds what is likely to be a more dangerous decade." It further  adds that some countries are using military power to pursue claims and mentions the need for stronger defence ties among democracies. To curb the situation under which countries can be coerced into a wartime situation 


IISS also mentioned in its reports that global defence spending went up by 9 percent to $2.2 trillion last year. This happened because of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. NATO also increased its spending, especially among its non-U.S. members. They boosted military spending by 32 percent since 2014, when Russia invaded Crimea.

‘Would encourage Russia to Attack NATO members….’: Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump's recent comments at a campaign rally also caused concern. He said he would encourage Russia to attack NATO members who didn't pay their bills. "No, I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You have to pay. You gotta pay your bills," the former US President said.

This, according to reports, worries countries like Poland, which is near Ukraine.


Russian Loses and Ukrainian ‘Clever’ Tactics

The report also states that  Russia lost about 3,000 main battle tanks in the fighting in Ukraine. This is almost as many tanks as the Russian Federation had before the invasion in 2022. While Russia replaced some tanks, Ukraine is getting help from Western nations for ammunition and weapons.


The report also includes  Ukraine's clever tactics, like using unmanned ‘maritime vehicles’ to challenge Russia's Black Sea Fleet. Other countries are learning from Ukraine's war experience. They're realising they need more military hardware and supplies in case of a long war, IISS added.

"A just-in-time mindset that has persisted for almost three decades is giving way to a just-in-case approach," the report added. This means countries are starting to prepare for possible conflicts instead of waiting until the last minute.


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