Updated May 14th, 2024 at 07:08 IST

India-France Joint Military Exercise SHAKTI 2024 Commences in Meghalaya

The 7th edition of Exercise SHAKTI begins in Meghalaya, showcasing India-France defence cooperation.

Reported by: Yuvraj Tyagi
Exercise SHAKTI | Image:ADGPI

Meghalaya: The 7th edition of the India-France Joint Military Exercise SHAKTI commenced today at Umroi, Meghalaya, marking a significant milestone in bilateral defence cooperation. The exercise, scheduled from 13th to 26th May 2024, unfolds against the backdrop of a fully developed and modern Foreign Training Node, underscoring the commitment of both nations to bolstering joint military capabilities.

The dignified Opening Ceremony of the joint exercise witnessed the esteemed presence of His Excellency Thierry Mathou, Ambassador of France to India, alongside Major General Prasanna Sudhakar Joshi, General Officer Commanding 51 Sub Area. Exercise SHAKTI, conducted biennially, alternates between India and France, with the previous edition held in France in November 2021.  

Focus on ops in semi-urban terrain 

Representing India, a contingent of 90 personnel, predominantly from the RAJPUT Regiment, is poised to engage in rigorous training exercises. Complementing their efforts are observers from the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the joint endeavour. Meanwhile, the French contingent, also numbering 90 personnel, draws primarily from the esteemed 13th Foreign Legion Half-Brigade (13th DBLE).

The overarching aim of Exercise SHAKTI is to elevate the joint military capability of both nations to undertake multi-domain operations within a sub-conventional scenario, aligning with Chapter VII of the United Nations Mandate. Focused on operations in semi-urban and mountainous terrain, the exercise seeks to achieve objectives such as enhancing physical fitness levels, refining tactical drills, and fostering the exchange of best practices. 


Training regimen of Exercise SHAKTI 

Tactical drills during the exercise encompass a diverse range of scenarios, including response to terrorist actions, establishment of Joint Command Posts, intelligence and surveillance operations, and deployment of advanced technologies such as drones and counter-drone systems. These exercises serve as a platform for sharing Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), enabling both sides to enhance interoperability and camaraderie among armed forces personnel.   


The collaborative spirit inherent in Exercise SHAKTI not only strengthens defence cooperation but also nurtures the bonds of friendship between India and France. By fostering interoperability and mutual understanding, this joint exercise contributes significantly to the broader framework of bilateral relations, embodying the shared commitment to peace and security in the region. 


Published May 14th, 2024 at 07:08 IST