Updated March 16th, 2024 at 20:55 IST

Indian Navy Thwarts Somali Pirates From Using Hijacked MV Ruen to Commit Piracy

The Indian Navy said that it has successfully prevented Somali pirates' attempt to utilise ex-MV Ruen vessel for conducting acts of piracy on the high seas.

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Indian Navy calls for Somali pirates to surrender and release Ex-MV Ruen | Image:X - @indiannavy

Amid the brewing tensions in international waters, the Indian Navy said that it has successfully prevented Somali pirates' attempt to utilise ex-MV Ruen vessel for conducting acts of piracy on the high seas. The Navy took to X, formally known as Twitter to share the visuals of the confrontation. The ex-MV Ruen was hijacked by the Somali pirates on December 14. In its statement, the navy maintained that the vessel was intercepted by the Indian Navy warship on March 15. During the confrontation, the navy claimed that the vessel opened fire on the warship and the Indian navy acted in self-defence. The authorities also assured that the actions were taken keeping international laws in mind. 

“#IndianNavy thwarts designs of Somali pirates to hijack ships plying through the region by intercepting ex-MV Ruen. The ex-MV Ruen, which had been hijacked by Somali pirates on #14Dec 23, was reported to have sailed out as a pirate ship towards conducting acts of #piracy on high seas,” the Indian Navy said in a statement on Saturday. “The vessel was intercepted by the #IndianNavy warship on #15Mar. The vessel opened fire on the warship, which is taking actions under international law, in self-defence & to counter piracy, with minimal force necessary to neutralise the pirates’ threat to shipping and seafarers. The pirates onboard the vessel have been called upon to surrender & release the vessel & any civilians they may be held against their will,” the statement further reads. The Indian Navy assured that they remain committed to the maritime security and safety of seafarers in the region.


As per the latest updates put out by Indian Navy officials, the number of pirates aboard the hijacked vessel has been found to be over 30 and the operation to subdue the piracy threat is expected to be over soon with a large number of marine commandos involved in it. 


How do Somali Pirates ensure turbulence in the international waters? 

Piracy off the coast of Somalia occurs in the Gulf of Aden, Guardafui Channel, and Somali Sea, in Somali territorial waters and other surrounding places have a long and troubled history with different perspectives from different communities. The Somali pirates have affected the International maritime trade in the region in a very significant manner. According to the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO), 276 acts of piracy or armed robbery against ships were reported in the region in 2010. Some believed that the collapse of the government of Somalia was a major reason for the hike in cases. At first, many assumed that pirate attacks on passing ships could be quickly stifled. But the problem has grown into a global malady that so far has warranted seven United Nations resolutions. Houthis recent actions in the Red Sea have also contributed to the ongoing turbulence in the wider region. Hence, international actors are now being more alert on the matter than they were ever before. 


Published March 16th, 2024 at 10:20 IST