Updated March 8th, 2024 at 16:00 IST

IAF's Newest Airbus C-295 MW Aircraft Makes Maiden Landing at Agatti Airport, Lakshadweep

The Indian Air Force's Airbus C-295 completed its maiden landing at Agatti airport, Lakshadweep, marking a ‘milestone in national aerial capabilities’.

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Indian Air Force C-295 Medium Weight Tactical Transport aircraft | Image:IAF

Agatti: The newest addition to the Indian Air Force’s transport fleet, the Airbus C-295 medium weight tactical transport aircraft, part of a training mission, made its maiden landing at Agatti airport, lakshadweep. The IAF confirmed the success on Friday. 

First Visuals of C-295 MW on Agatti's Tarmac in Lakswadeep 

The official statement also said, "Landing at the remote location after taking off from the hinterlands, this marks a significant milestone in enhancing our nation's aerial capabilities.”

India Nods for 15 Maritime Patrol Aircraft 

As per previous reports, the Indian government has given initial approval for the purchase of 15 maritime patrol aircraft from Airbus and six air-refuel aircraft. This decision, made by the defence acquisition council, is part of projects worth over 10 billion dollars  for the armed forces and coast guard. The approved projects include Medium Range Maritime Reconnaissance and Multi-Mission Aircraft for the navy and coast guard. Additionally, flight refueller aircraft will be purchased to enhance the operational capabilities of the air force. The projects will undergo bidding processes or negotiations with manufacturers before final approval by the country's cabinet for purchase.

Initial Tata-Airbus Deal

Also, India signed a deal with Airbus in 2021 for 56 C-295 aircraft, with the first one arriving last year. These planes are replacing the IAF's ageing fleet of AVRO aircraft from the 1960s. 

Under the agreement, the initial 16 planes will be assembled in Seville, Spain. The remaining 40 will be made and assembled by Tata Advanced Systems in Vadodara, Gujarat. This partnership between Airbus and Tata aims to bolster India's aircraft manufacturing capabilities.


Published March 8th, 2024 at 10:26 IST