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Indian Army convoy attacked in the upper reaches of Poonch, 4 jawans martyred

Terrorists launch a targeted attack on an Indian Army convoy in Dera Ki Gali, Poonch, leaving 4 soldiers martyred and damaging military vehicles.

Reported by: Yuvraj Tyagi
Terrorist Aggression Continues: Ambush Targets Indian Army Reinforcement Convoy in Dera Ki Gali, Poonch | Image:X

Poonch: In a distressing turn of events, terrorists carried out a targeted attack on an Indian Army convoy in the upper reaches of the Dera Ki Gali area in Poonch. The assailants opened fire on the convoy, causing injuries to at least three soldiers of the Rashtriya Rifles and caused significant damage to the vehicles of the military convoy. The audacious attack occurred as the convoy, comprising a gypsy and a 1-ton vehicle, was en route to fortify the cordon in the sensitive Dera Ki Gali region. 

In a tragic turn of events, 4 soldiers from the Indian Army have been martyred in action in the ongoing operation while 3 are injured. One of the injured personnel is in critical condition. Notably, the area holds grim historical significance, as it was the same location where five Indian Army jawans made the supreme sacrifice in a brutal attack in October 2021. The subsequent month-long operation resulted in the loss of nine army officials and injuries to one terrorist in a fierce firefight. As per sources, terrorists fired around 60 rounds on the army convoy, following which the troops retaliated effectively.


Operational details 

The attack unfolded during a cordon and search operation, catching Indian Army troops off guard. The convoy, consisting of two targeted vehicles on a reinforcement mission, bore the brunt of the terrorists' aggression. This operation was initiated by the Indian Army last night based on credible intelligence inputs, suggesting the presence of a group of two to three active terrorists in the area. In the retaliatory firing by the troops, one terrorist has been injured, sources revealed.

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The assailants struck around 4 PM, exploiting the vulnerabilities of the convoy during the reinforcement mission. The attack underscores the persistent threat faced by our armed forces in the region and the challenges posed by terrorists operating in these rugged terrains. 

Immediate response 

As the situation unfolds, the Indian Army remains resolute in its commitment to root out terrorism from the region. The injured soldiers are receiving prompt medical attention, and a comprehensive assessment of the incident is underway. This latest act of terror reinforces the need for heightened vigilance and proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of our forces operating in the volatile region.

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A senior official from the Indian Army informed Republic that a group of terrorists has been identified in the Topa Pir area of Poonch district. In response to this threat, the security forces have promptly cordoned off the area, initiating intensified search operations to neutralize the potential threat.


Poonch district, situated in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, has been a focal point of concern due to Pakistan's alleged involvement in financing terrorism in the region. This recent sighting of terrorists in the Topa Pir area adds to the ongoing security challenges faced by the Indian forces.

Deadliest attack of 2023

As per the sources on ground, the heightened state of alert follows a series of successful interventions by the security forces in Poonch, where over a dozen incidents of narcotics smuggling have been thwarted. These operations have resulted in the seizure of a substantial quantity of narcotics, specifically 87 kilograms of heroin. The international market value of this confiscated contraband is estimated to exceed 400 crores.

The interception of narcotics smuggling attempts not only highlights the persistent efforts by security forces to curb illegal activities but also underscores the nexus between such activities and the financing of terrorism in the region. The foiled attempts serve as a testament to the vigilance and proactive measures taken by Indian security forces to safeguard the border areas.


As the intensified searches unfold in the Topa Pir area, the focus remains on eliminating the identified terrorist presence and preventing any potential security threats


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