Updated May 2nd, 2024 at 22:46 IST

Israeli Embassy and Indian Security Forces Conduct Joint Drills in New Delhi Amid Tensions

The Israeli Embassy in New Delhi collaborated with Indian security forces for joint security drills aimed at enhancing preparedness against potential threats.

Reported by: Yuvraj Tyagi
NSG drills in New Delhi | Image:NSG

New Delhi: In a bid to enhance preparedness against potential security threats, the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, in collaboration with Indian security forces, conducted joint security drills on Wednesday. The exercises, held amid escalating tensions over the Gaza conflict, aimed to assess and synchronize the readiness of security forces to effectively counter future threats.

The drills witnessed the participation of various agencies, including the Ministry of Home Affairs, Delhi Police, National Security Guard (NSG), and local emergency services. These exercises served as a platform for both Israeli and Indian forces to refine their coordination, communication, and operational procedures in responding to potential terrorist incidents. During day and night sessions at the Israeli Embassy, elite units from participating agencies engaged in simulated scenarios to test their response strategies. Additionally, the Delhi Traffic Police played a vital role in managing traffic control in the vicinity, ensuring the smooth conduct of the drills. Notably, amid the drills, a paramotor was seen flying around the Vijay Chowk area near the Parliament and central government buildings.  

Insight into Hamas' use of paragliders 

Recent revelations regarding Hamas' training methods, particularly the use of motorized paragliders, have raised concerns among security experts. Despite being known to Israeli intelligence, the organization's capabilities were initially underestimated, leading to misinterpretations of their intentions and capabilities.

Hamas fighters using paraglider during October 7 attack. | Credit- AP

Lebanese General Khalil Helou highlighted that Israeli intelligence was aware of Hamas militants' training in paragliders but doubted their capabilities. This underscores the importance of continuous intelligence gathering and analysis to accurately assess emerging threats and adapt security measures accordingly.  


Israeli ambassador acknowledges significance of security drills  

Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon emphasized the significance of the joint security drills with Indian security forces. He lauded the collaborative efforts, stating that such exercises strengthen the nations' cooperation in security and defence, reinforcing their shared commitment to global stability.  


The drills come amidst heightened tensions in the Middle East region, particularly between Israel and Iran, following reported airstrikes near Iranian nuclear sites. The joint efforts between Israel and India underscore their resolve to address shared security challenges and maintain regional stability.   

NSG conducts mock drills across New Delhi 

In a parallel initiative, the National Security Guard (NSG) conducted mock drills across various locations in New Delhi to enhance preparedness for potential terrorist threats. These exercises, including simulations at the Parliament, aimed to maintain high alertness levels and ensure swift and effective responses to emergencies.

The NSG showcased its capabilities through daring demonstrations, such as commando descents onto the roof of the Parliament House from helicopters. These drills underscored the NSG's commitment to protecting national security and safeguarding key institutions against potential threats. 


Published May 2nd, 2024 at 22:46 IST