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Republic Day 2024: Meet IAF’s Fighters & Their Jets Before They Soar Over Kartavya Path

On India's 75th R-Day, the Indian Air Force will showcase its air power, featuring a diverse lineup of fighter aircraft, including the Tejas, MiG-29 & Rafales

SU 30 MKI along with Rafale and homegrown Tejas. | Image:IAF

New Delhi: On January 26, during India’s 75th Republic Day, the Indian Air Force (IAF) will display its air power, featuring a lineup of its most formidable fixed-wing fighter aircraft during the Republic Day Parade.

HAL Tejas and its Captain 

Among them will be the homegrown HAL Tejas, an Indian-designed single-engine, delta-wing, light multirole fighter collaboratively developed by the Aeronautical Development Agency and the Aircraft Research and Design Centre of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. The No. 18 Squadron, under the command of Group Captain Dinesh Dhanakar, will present the Tejas.

Group Captain Dinesh Dhanakar. | Image: ANI

IAF's Baaz & its Jabaaz(S)

The upgraded variant of the Soviet double-engined fighter jet, the MiG-29 UPG, caused nightmares for Pakistani F-16s back in Kargil and has since remained a formidable part of the Indian Air Force (IAF). This year, Group Captain Manoj Bhargav, the commanding officer of IAF's 47 Squadron, will lead three MiG-29s in Baaz formation, taking flight at approximately 800 km/h. Flight Lieutenant Punia Nanjapa will also be flying the Fulcrum this Republic Day.

Flight Lieutenant Punia Nanjapa.


Group Captain Manoj Bhargav.


The Omnirole Rafales and its Pilot

The Rafale, the latest addition to the IAF, a twin-engine fighter, has rapidly become a cornerstone of the air force's strength. Led by Group Captain Nagendra Abhisekh, the Amrit Formation team demonstrated the Rafale's cutting-edge capabilities. Rafale might even fly with some Jaguars at its side.



The Formidable Su-30MKI

Undoubtedly forming the backbone of the IAF, the Su-30 MKI, an air superiority fighter, showcased its proven capabilities. Flight Lieutenant Arti Tomar, representing the world's largest democracy, flew the Su-30 MKI alongside Group Captain Sachin Arora, leader of the 220 Squadron, in the Trishul formation.


 Flight Lieutenant Arti Tomar


Group Captain Sachin Arora


This diverse fleet of fighter aircraft will underline the IAF's commitment to maintaining air supremacy.



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