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Airlines React Swiftly to Iran Attack, Adjusting Flight Paths and Cancelling Trips

Flydubai issued a statement affirming its close monitoring of the situation

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Airlines Adjusts: In response to the Israeli attack on Iran, airlines swiftly altered their flight paths, diverted aircraft, or returned planes to their departure points on Friday, as airspace and airport closures came into effect. Flight tracking data revealed these immediate adjustments in response to the unfolding situation.

Following the attack, Iran closed its airports in Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, while temporarily clearing flights from the western portion of its airspace. However, by 0445 GMT, the airports and airspace had reopened, with closure notices removed from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration database.


Before the reopening, Flydubai announced the cancellation of its Friday flights to Iran, with one of its earlier flights even returning to Dubai. Similarly, an Iran Air flight from Rome to Tehran was diverted to Ankara, Turkey.

Despite the closures, several airlines, including Emirates, Flydubai, Turkish Air, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, and Belavia, continued to operate flights over the part of Iran's airspace that remained open after the attack.


Flydubai issued a statement affirming its close monitoring of the situation, ensuring necessary adjustments to flight paths in consultation with relevant authorities.

The closures in Iran added to a challenging week for airlines based in Dubai, following record rainfall in the United Arab Emirates, resulting in the cancellation of approximately 30% of all flights to and from Dubai since Tuesday.


Even before the attack, many Western and Asian airlines had been avoiding Iran and its airspace. Germany's Lufthansa extended the suspension of flights to Tehran, citing ongoing security concerns, while Australia's Qantas Airways rerouted flights between Perth and London to avoid the Middle East, including a fuel stop in Singapore to circumvent Iranian airspace.

Taiwan's China Airlines and Etihad Airways also emphasized their commitment to monitoring the situation closely and prioritizing safety, adjusting routes in line with recommendations from aviation safety authorities.


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Published April 19th, 2024 at 11:19 IST