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Tips to prepare your kid for nursery school admission test

Parents are responsible for helping their children get ready for these admission exams. Here are some tips to prepare your kid for the nursery admission test.

Reported by: Nandini Verma
Nursery school students | Image:PTI

The admissions procedure for schools has become increasingly complex in the contemporary educational environment. In order to gain admission, students now have to pass several entrance tests. Passing these tests with success is no easy task. However, parents appear to take on the weight of this challenge rather than the children themselves. In accordance with the policies of the school, parents are responsible for helping their children get ready for these admission exams. There's no denying the enthusiasm that comes with your child starting a new chapter in their academic life, along with a lot of new responsibilities.

Here's a look at some helpful tips shared by Ajay Gupta, Founder and CEO, Bachpan Play School to help parents who are currently going through this stage-


Get Information

Parents must obtain expansive information and become familiar with the complete school admissions procedure. Gaining a comprehensive understanding enables parents to prepare their children effectively. Furthermore, it is helpful to ask the school counsellor for information or speak with existing parents. Having a conversation with parents who have gone through the process gives you a thorough grasp of the admissions process and important insights into the questions that come up at parent-teacher conferences.


Start Preparation

When parents learn about the admissions process, they should start planning early so that their kids have enough time to understand and remember all the information. Introduce them to the educational atmosphere effectively, answer any questions they may have, and offer guidance on expected questions and answers. Furthermore, stress a laid-back approach and set aside half an hour a day to prepare. Encouraging a joyful learning atmosphere to guarantee that key concepts are understood and retained.


Daily practice set

Engaging in practice sets on a daily basis is essential to guaranteeing exam achievement. Since these sets usually consist of questions that need precise answers, strategic planning is necessary to enable consistent access to them. These practice sets are an incredibly efficient way to develop someone's abilities, as they help with better planning, faster speed, and greater self-assurance. The advantages go beyond just being prepared for tests; they include developing skills in general.


All Things Considered!

Achieving success in your child's initial nursery admission test hinges on maintaining composure. Recognize the school as a secure environment for your child's learning and skill development. Foster readiness for the test by playfully incorporating common questions into their routine, ensuring they stay focused and calm during the admission process. Utilize everyday moments such as bath and playtime to practice these questions. Additionally, consider enhancing their skills with downloadable nursery worksheets, encouraging activities like colouring, drawing, and alphabet writing.


Published February 25th, 2024 at 16:50 IST