Updated May 6th, 2024 at 15:27 IST

VIT Launches Online MBA, MCA, MSc Data Science Courses For Working Professionals, Apply By May 10

Vellore Institute of Technology has launched online MBA, MSc DS and MCA programmes to help working professionals fast-track career growth. Apply before May 10.

Reported by: Nandini Verma
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In response to the burgeoning need for professionals adept at devising strategic business plans to navigate intricate market landscapes, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), a leading Indian university ranked 8th in the 2023 NIRF University Rankings, has launched three new online degree programs. These programs include:

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Master of Science in Data Science (MSc DS)
  3. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

All three programs, accredited by UGC and AICTE, will feature online classes delivered by distinguished VIT faculty members, supplemented by pre-recorded sessions.

The introduction of these online programs by VIT aims to address the growing demand among professionals seeking rapid upskilling to remain competitive in today's dynamic job market. Citing the International MBA Survey 2020, which highlights that 45% of global recruiters strongly believe MBA graduates possess the skills necessary to assume leadership roles in top global organizations, VIT's MBA program targets:

  • Early-to-mid-level professionals aspiring to enhance their managerial expertise
  • Seasoned professionals keen on mastering long-term strategic planning for sustainable business growth
  • Graduates and entry-level professionals seeking career advancement opportunities

Covering a diverse array of subjects including managerial economics, data analytics, operations management, and business analysis, the two-year MBA program commences on August 14, 2024, with a fee of INR 1,60,000.


The MSc Data Science program caters to early-to-mid-career professionals in data science, analytics, or IT fields, along with recent graduates or entry-level professionals. With a curriculum emphasizing practical application and encompassing topics like AI, ML, Python programming, and big data analytics, the four-semester program kicks off on August 14, 2024, at a fee of INR 1,50,000.

Furthermore, aligning with projections from the McKinsey Global Institute foreseeing the creation of 65 million new jobs in India by 2025 through digital technologies, VIT's MCA program targets professionals in digital technology roles. From software engineers to app developers, the program offers a comprehensive curriculum with elective courses on emerging technologies like blockchain and cybersecurity. Commencing on August 14, 2024, the MCA program is priced at INR 1,40,000.


Upon program completion, graduates will receive VIT-awarded degrees, alumni status, and exclusive access to VIT alumni events and networking opportunities, thereby further enriching their professional journey.


Published May 6th, 2024 at 15:26 IST