Updated February 27th, 2024 at 15:04 IST

'Akbar was a Rapist': Rajasthan Education Minister Announces to Review Curriculum

The Minister boldly stated, "Akbar was never a great personality. He was an aggressor and a rapist."

Reported by: Nandini Verma
Rajasthan education minister Madan Dilawar | Image:Screengrab

In a controversial statement, Rajasthan's Education Minister, Madan Dilawar, has stirred up a debate by referring to the renowned Mughal Emperor Akbar as a "rapist." Dilawar expressed his strong views during a media interaction on Sunday, asserting that references portraying Akbar as a "great personality" should be eradicated from school textbooks.

The Minister boldly stated, "Akbar was never a great personality. He was an aggressor and a rapist." He further elaborated by alleging that Akbar orchestrated 'Meena Bazaar' to procure beautiful women whom he would later sexually assault. Dilawar vehemently criticized the notion of labeling such actions as those of a "great personality," deeming it as sheer foolishness.This contentious remark has sparked widespread discussions and reactions within educational and historical circles, prompting varied perspectives on the portrayal of historical figures in academic curricula. 


Madan Dilawar further stated, "Akbar was a wrongdoer, and a wrongdoer can never be great. Those who have written books before must have had a slave mentality. That is why he included it in the curriculum. I am reviewing everyone. For this, I am forming a committee. This committee will provide information on where history is being distorted and manipulated."

Sternness regarding school dress

Earlier, There was sternness regarding school dress, even before many statements of Madan Dilawar were discussed. Recently, the Education Minister showed strictness regarding the school dress code. During this time, he said that the dress code in schools is definite, and it must be worn. Those who do not adhere to these orders also come to the government to enforce the orders. 

He said that complaints are coming in schools, someone is covering their face, and someone is coming wearing a veil. If someone comes dressed as Hanuman tomorrow... The Education Minister, while talking about taking strict action regarding the dress code implemented in schools across the state, said that there is already a permanent order regarding it. It was also there in the previous government, and it is still the same now. The dress code that is enforced must be worn.







Published February 27th, 2024 at 14:58 IST