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CBSE Results 2024: Prayagraj Records Lowest Passing Rate Again, Trivandrum Tops with 99.9 Percent

CBSE Class 12 Results 2024 Out. Prayagraj region has recorded a lowest pass percentage again of 75.28%. Trivandrum region tops with 99.91%. Details Here.

Reported by: Nandini Verma
Exam Results | Image:PTI

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has declared the Class 12 board exam results, revealing a diverse landscape of academic achievements across different regions. While some regions shine with high pass rates, others grapple with persistent challenges in educational attainment, exemplifying the nuanced realities of the Indian education system.

Prayagraj Records Lowest Pass Rate 

Prayagraj, a prominent educational center, finds itself at the bottom of the list once again, with only 75.28% of students passing the Class 12 examinations this year. This marks a concerning trend, reflecting the need for targeted interventions to improve educational outcomes in the region. Following closely behind, Noida records the second-lowest pass rate at 80.27%.

In contrast, the Trivandrum region continues to set the bar high with an impressive pass rate of 99.91%, showcasing a steadfast commitment to academic excellence and student success.


Comparison with Previous Years: The disparities in pass rates echo similar trends observed in previous years. In 2022, Prayagraj struggled with a pass rate of 83.71%, maintaining its position at the bottom of the list. Conversely, Trivandrum emerged as the frontrunner once again with a remarkable pass rate of 98.83%, reinforcing its reputation as a hub of educational achievement.

CBSE Class 12 Result 2024: Region-Wise Pass Percent

CBSE Class 12 Result 2023: Region-Wise Pass Percent

CBSE Class 12 Result 2022: Region-Wise Pass Percent


Overall Pass Percentage: This year, the CBSE Class 12 examinations recorded an overall pass percentage of 87.98%, reflecting the collective efforts and dedication of students nationwide. However, regional variations persist, underscoring the need for targeted strategies to address educational disparities and ensure equitable access to quality education for all students.


Conclusion: As the CBSE Class 12 results unfold, they provide valuable insights into the complex dynamics of the Indian education landscape. While some regions celebrate significant achievements and academic milestones, others grapple with persistent challenges that require immediate attention and intervention.

The disparities in pass rates highlight the importance of tailored interventions and supportive measures to uplift educational standards and enhance student outcomes across all regions. As stakeholders in the education sector analyze the implications of this year's results, the focus remains on fostering an inclusive and conducive learning environment that empowers every student to realize their full potential, irrespective of their geographical location.


Published May 13th, 2024 at 12:35 IST