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Former Bureaucrats React to Sanjeev Sanyal's Remark on 'UPSC Exam Preparation Is A Waste of Time'

Sanjeev Sanyal's remarks, made on the social media platform X, sparked reactions from former bureaucrats and experts against his statement.

Reported by: Nandini Verma
Member of Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) Sanjeev Sanyal | Image:ANI

In a recent development, the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) member, Sanjeev Sanyal, stirred a debate with his comments suggesting that spending five to eight years preparing for civil services exams is a "waste of youthful energy." Former bureaucrats and experts have voiced their opinions on this matter, describing Sanyal's remarks as "absurd," "avoidable," and not in line with the aspirations of millions of youth across the nation.

According to a report by PTI, Sanyal emphasized that aspiring civil servants should only attempt exams like the UPSC if they genuinely aspire to become administrators. His remarks, made on the social media platform X, sparked reactions from former bureaucrats and experts who believe that such comments undermine the significance of civil services and the aspirations of young individuals.


G Sundaram, a former IAS officer, denounced Sanyal's comments as "absurd," highlighting the crucial role of civil services in nation-building. He emphasized the need to rectify any deficiencies in the system rather than dismissing the efforts of aspirants.

Similarly, S K Sarkar, former secretary of the Department of Personnel and Training, criticized Sanyal's assertion, stating that aspiring for civil services is not a waste of energy but a noble pursuit towards contributing to the country's development.


Sanjeev Chopra, another former bureaucrat, acknowledged Sanyal's right to express his views but emphasized the diverse aspirations of individuals, including the desire to serve the government. He underscored the fulfilling nature of civil service roles and cautioned against being critical of young aspirants.

Former bureaucrat Kiran Puri rejected the notion that preparing for civil services is wasteful, emphasizing the need for academically strong and knowledgeable individuals in the civil services to ensure effective governance and national development.


Former Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi partially agreed with Sanyal's comments, suggesting limiting the number of attempts for civil services exams to ensure a more streamlined process.

Contrary to Sanyal's remarks, serving IPS officer Pankaj Chaudhary defended the credibility and transparency of civil services exams, highlighting their role as a role model for many youngsters.


Overall, the response from former bureaucrats and experts underscores the diverse perspectives on the significance of civil services exams and the aspirations they represent for the youth of the nation.

Sanjeev Sanyal's comments on the preparation for civil services exams have sparked a debate among former bureaucrats and experts. While some criticize his remarks as dismissive of aspirants' efforts, others acknowledge the need for reforms in the examination process. The discourse highlights the importance of understanding and addressing the aspirations of millions of young individuals aspiring for civil services roles in the country.


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