Updated March 16th, 2024 at 10:09 IST

Maharashtra Govt Introduces Dress Code for School Teachers; Bans Jeans, T-Shirt, Leggings

Maharashtra government has implemented a dress code for school teachers and banned jeans, t-shirt, leggings. Female teachers have to wear salwar suit, saree.

Reported by: Nandini Verma
Maharashtra govt implements dress code for teachers | Image:PTI/File/Representative

In a groundbreaking move, the Maharashtra government has implemented a dress code for school teachers, marking a significant shift in educational policy. According to the newly issued code, teachers are prohibited from wearing jeans, t-shirts, dark-colored attire, or clothing adorned with designs or prints. Female educators are advised to opt for traditional attire such as salwar or churidar with a kurta and dupatta, or a saree, while male teachers are encouraged to wear shirts and trousers, with the shirt neatly tucked in.

The Government Resolution (GR), released by the school education department on Friday, emphasizes the importance of teacher attire, citing the impressionable nature of school children. The notification underscores that inappropriate clothing choices by teachers could potentially have a negative impact on students.


Outlined in the GR are nine-point guidelines detailing the dress code for school teachers. These guidelines are applicable to all educational institutions, regardless of whether they are public or privately operated and affiliated with a board.

Despite the issuance of the GR, educators and educational experts have voiced criticism, questioning the rationale behind the mandate. A Mumbai-based school teacher expressed, "Teachers are already conscientious about dressing appropriately. Schools, too, take measures to ensure the same in their own capacities. There was simply no need for state intervention to dictate a dress code for teachers." Many argue that the decision regarding attire should remain within the purview of individual schools and teachers.


In response to concerns, a senior official from the department clarified, "These guidelines should be viewed as recommendations rather than mandates. No definitive measures have been decided upon regarding non-compliance."

Prefix "Tr" to Recognize Teachers

In a bid to honor and elevate the status of educators, the Maharashtra State's school education department has introduced a prefix for teachers to use before their names. Similar to "Dr" for doctors and "Adv" for lawyers, teachers will now use "Tr" as a prefix. This initiative aims to bolster teacher morale by providing them with official recognition. The Commissionerate for school education is tasked with finalizing a distinctive symbol for the prefix and ensuring adequate publicity for its adoption across educational circles.






Published March 16th, 2024 at 10:09 IST