Updated December 17th, 2023 at 14:03 IST

OnePlus Collaborates with IIT Madras for 'Never Settle' Scholarship

OnePlus, the global tech brand, has unveiled a new initiative - the 'Never Settle' Scholarship program, developed in partnership with IIT Madras.

Reported by: Nandini Verma
OnePlus launches 'Never Settle' scholarship | Image:Pexels

OnePlus, the global tech brand, has unveiled a new initiative - the 'Never Settle' Scholarship program, developed in partnership with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras).

This scholarship initiative, named after OnePlus's iconic spirit, aims to grant full financial support to numerous undergraduate (BTech) students at IIT Madras, both current and incoming.


It's a groundbreaking move that mirrors OnePlus' commitment to giving back to its community, a key contributor to the brand's successful decade-long journey. The program seeks to honor the 'Never Settle' spirit by empowering the next generation of innovators in science and technology through academic excellence.

Candidates will be assessed based on the Merit-cum-Means criteria managed by IIT Madras. The scholarship aims to alleviate the financial strain of education by offering significant grants to deserving students.


Pete Lau, OnePlus Founder, expressed gratitude to the community, acknowledging their instrumental role in the brand's evolution over the past decade. He emphasized the collaboration's importance, aligning with the brand's ethos of continuous innovation.

Marking the collaboration, Mr. Pete Lau, Founder of OnePlus shared,"Our community has been at the forefront of all our endeavors, actively shaping the brand since its inception 10 years ago. The support and enthusiasm we received from our community during our first official community meet in India were instrumental in our decision to launch in the country. Since then, our journey of a decade in the region has been truly remarkable. As a tech brand, fostering continuous innovation is the most exhilarating part of our work. Our collaboration with IIT Madras holds immense significance as we embark on this meaningful venture together with our community.


Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula, Dean (Alumni and Corporate Relations) at IIT Madras, welcomed OnePlus's contribution. He praised the partnership, affirming IIT Madras's commitment to nurturing future trailblazers in science and technology, appreciating OnePlus's support toward enhancing India's educational landscape. 

Welcoming the contribution of OnePlus, Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula, Dean (Alumni and Corporate Relations), IIT Madras, said,“IIT Madras is glad to partner with OnePlus for the ‘Never Settle’ Scholarship, reinforcing our commitment to empowering future innovators in science and technology. I thank the OnePlus leadership team for joining us in our efforts to enable a brighter educational landscape for India’s youth.”


Published December 17th, 2023 at 14:02 IST