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University of Birmingham and IIT Madras Launch Joint Masters Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems

The University of Birmingham and the (IIT Madras) have announced the launch of a groundbreaking Joint Masters programme in Sustainable Energy Systems.

Reported by: Nandini Verma
University of Birmingham and IIT Madras Launch Joint Masters Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems | Image:IIT-Madras

The University of Birmingham and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) have announced the launch of a groundbreaking Joint Masters programme in Sustainable Energy Systems. Building on the success of their previous collaboration in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, this new initiative aims to equip graduates with specialized skills to address the challenges of climate change in a rapidly evolving industry.

Applications for the programme are now open, offering students the opportunity to study in both Chennai and Birmingham, culminating in a single degree jointly awarded by both prestigious institutions. Central to the curriculum is a substantial individual project within internationally-recognized research groups, providing students with hands-on experience in tackling real-world challenges.


The University of Birmingham boasts a rich legacy in energy research and education, spanning from pioneering developments in hydrogen technology to advancements in large-scale energy storage and nuclear applications. The Birmingham Energy Institute (BEI), operating for nearly 15 years, stands as a testament to the university's commitment to multidisciplinary energy research.

The programme offers flexibility to students, allowing them to conclude their studies either in Birmingham or IIT Madras. Upon commencement, students will embark on a journey that includes a short industrial placement, followed by two pathway options:


- Option 1: Study in the UK for 12 months, including a research project in Birmingham.
- Option 2: Study in the UK for six months, then return to IIT Madras to complete the programme and undertake a research project.

Applications for the programme are available starting May 6, 2024, with offer letters scheduled to be dispatched from June 26, 2024. Interested candidates can apply through the provided link: [https://ge.iitm.ac.in/uob/sustainable-energy-systems/](https://ge.iitm.ac.in/uob/sustainable-energy-systems/)


Professor Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Birmingham, expressed enthusiasm about the program, stating, "Our second Joint Masters programme opens new and exciting opportunities to study in two countries, benefitting from the expertise and industry links of both IIT Madras and the University of Birmingham."

He further added, "Successful applicants will experience a global perspective as they learn the fundamental principles of sustainable energy systems – giving them a unique professional perspective that will help them to make a valuable career contribution to our fight against climate change."


The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on energy systems and technologies crucial for building a sustainable future. It covers technology development, engineering, societal, economic, environmental, and policy aspects to meet net-zero targets. Students will delve into topics such as fuel cells, energy storage, solar, and nuclear energy.

Speaking on the collaboration, Professor Raghunathan Rengaswamy, Dean (Global Engagement), IIT Madras, stated, "IIT Madras is thrilled to start this new program in collaboration with University of Birmingham close on the heels of the first successful joint program on data science and AI."


The programme's faculty comprises research staff with diverse backgrounds in academia, industry, and policy, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for students.

Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, emphasized the institution's commitment to fostering global partnerships, remarking, "These innovative joint postgraduate programmes offer students the opportunity to pursue a world-class education at globally leading institutions in two countries."


The partnership between the University of Birmingham and IIT Madras underscores a commitment to Transnational Education (TNE), providing students with expanded opportunities and contributing to global efforts in combating climate change.

British Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai, Mr. Oliver Ballhatchet, lauded the partnership as a benchmark in TNE between the UK and India, offering students more choices and delivering high-quality solutions to tackle global challenges collaboratively.


Students enrolled in the programme will also benefit from IIT Madras' award-winning pedagogy and research methodology, complemented by its excellence in technical education, research, innovation, and industrial consultancy.

The launch of this Joint Masters programme follows an agreement reached by Professor Adam Tickell and Professor V. Kamakoti, Director of IIT Madras, in November 2022, further solidifying the partnership between the two institutions.


The University of Birmingham's commitment to India is evident through its numerous partnerships, supported by its India Institute, which seeks to enhance Birmingham's engagement in the country across various domains.



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