Maharashtra Lok Sabha Elections

Uddhav Thackeray Takes A Pot Shot At Congress, Says 'won't Let Rahul Gandhi Win By Supporting Traitors'

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

Hitting out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi over his party's promise to abolish sedition law, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday that he will not be allowed to come to power by supporting "traitors". While addressing an election rally at Kalmeshwar in support of Shiv Sena's Ramtek constituency candidate Krupal Tumane, Uddhav Thackeray said that BJP, Shiv Sena and the Republican Party of India (RPI) have come together on one ideology for the love of the nation.

"But, I want to ask why have Maha Aghadi come together who have conflicts between them. Who are these people? Our dream is for the country, what about you? Your dream is only power. Our prime minister will be Narendra Modi tomorrow also. And I want to ask the opposition to announce one name for the PM's post," he added.

Mr Thackeray also took a potshot at Congress' promise in its manifesto to abolish the sedition law.

"Do you agree with this?... Anyone who commits treason should be hanged," he said.

"If Gandhi thinks he will come to power by supporting traitors, we will not let it happen," he concluded.

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Earlier on Sunday, targeting the ruling BJP- Shiv Sena government for unfulfilled promises in Maharashtra, the NCP-Congress alliance has announced their social media campaign titled- 'Laaj kashi vaatat nahi?'(How are you not ashamed?) ahead of the Lok Sabha polls starting on April 11.

The two parties had announced on Tuesday that their main aim is to shame the ruling Maharashtra government on its 'failure' to fulfill poll promises over the period of their governance. In a joint briefing in Mumbai, Congress-NCP leaders have announced that this campaign will be launched in print, electronic and social media and will seek accountability from the BJP-Shiv Sena on a range of issues including agrarian distress, women's safety, education, and jobs.

Explaining the details of the campaign, NCP national spokesperson Nawab Malik shared how the basis of the campaign is to accentuate the 'poor show of BJP-Shiv Sena', moreover, questioned how this alliance feels "no shame."

He said, "The campaign aims to highlight the poor show of the BJP and Shiv Sena. How come they not feel ashamed to seek votes despite not fulfilling old poll promises? And therefore, the tag line which speaks the mind of the people."