Updated April 25th, 2024 at 01:06 IST

As Amritpal Singh's Lawyer Confirms He'll be fighting LS Polls, Here's What His Parents Have to Say

Amid reports of Amritpal Singh, Waris Punjab De Chief, to contest the Lok Sabha polls as an independent candidate his parents have reserved their comments.

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Amritpal Singh's lawyer says he is likely to contest the Lok Sabha elections 2024 from Punjab | Image:ANI

Chandigarh: Amid reports of Amritpal Singh, Waris Punjab De (WPD) Chief and a radical Sikh preacher, who is currently lodged in a jail in Assam under the National Security Act (NSA), to contest the Lok Sabha elections 2024 as an independent candidate from Punjab's Khadoor Sahib constituency, his father and mother have reserved their comments on the same, saying that they will only confirm the reports after meeting their son. Amritpal’s mother Balwinder Kaur stated that his wife had met him a day before and there were no such plans discussed.

Meanwhile, his father Tarsem Singh, while talking exclusively to Republic TV, said that no such information has come to them as of now and they will only get a confirmation on the matter once they meet Amritpal Singh on Thursday at around 3-4 in the evening.


Amritpal's father and uncle to meet him on Thursday in jail

Tarsem Singh further added, “My brother will also meet him. People are telling us that he too should contest elections. We haven't got any political support yet. We will ask him what he wants. We will see once he decides.”


“He is himself a party. We didn't have a word with anyone. All political workers come but haven't said anything political. We don't want support from certain parties, who haven't played their role. We will be able to tell tomorrow evening what will be the step,” Amritpal Singh’s father emphasized.

On the other hand, mother Balwinder Kaur stated, “We also came to know about the news, his wife also met him yesterday and there were no such plans. Today his lawyer met and said so, but we don't authenticate this news. His father and uncle will meet him tomorrow and will decide.”


“People are coming to us that he should contest elections. But,it is his own decision, we will be with him. It is upto him if he will accept or not- to contest polls. If he will fight- it will be independent; not from any party. We stand with his decision- whatever it will be,” Kaur added.

Earlier, Amritpal Singh's counsel, Rajdev Singh Khalsa, claimed to have met Amritpal in Dibrugarh jail and encouraged him to enter the electoral fray. Later sharing the information, he stated, "I met bhai sahab (Amritpal Singh) in Dibrugarh central jail today and during the meeting, I requested bhai sahab that in the interests of 'Khalsa Panth', he should fight elections this time from Khadoor Sahib to become a Member of Parliament. Bhai sahab accepted my request in the Panthic interests. He will fight as an Independent candidate." 


Published April 25th, 2024 at 01:06 IST