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Chhattisgarh Man Offers Finger to Goddess Kali After BJP's Victory in Lok Sabha Polls

A 30-year-old BJP supporter from Chhattisgarh severed his finger in devotion at a Kali temple following NDA's Lok Sabha win.

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BJP win celebrations | Image:PTI

Raipur: A 30-year-old man from Chhattisgarh's Balrampur district made headlines after he chopped off his finger and offered it to Goddess Kali at a temple following the BJP-led NDA's victory in the Lok Sabha elections.

The man, Durgesh Pandey, a BJP supporter, became depressed when initial trends showed the Congress leading in the polls. He then, visited the Kali temple and prayed for the BJP's success.


Later, when BJP-led NDA emerged as the single largest party to cross majority mark, an overjoyed Pandey returned to the temple and, in an act of devotion, chopped his left-hand finger as an offering to the deity.

Following that, he made an effort to stop the bleeding by wrapping a cloth around the wound. Unfortunately, the situation worsened. Concerned about the seriousness of his condition, his family hurried him to the Community Health Centre in Samari.


The medical team administered immediate first aid, yet they concluded that his injury needed specialised care and he was referred to Ambikapur Medical College. Later, the doctors at the medical college conducted a surgical procedure to stop the bleeding. But due to the delay in seeking medical attention, the severed finger could not be reattached. However, Pandey's condition stabilised, and he is no longer in danger.

Speaking to a leading daily, Pandey said, "I was disturbed to see the Congress leading in the initial trends. The Congress supporters were very excited. I visited the Kali temple in my village, which the entire village has faith in. I also had faith in it and made a vow," Pandey said.


"When the BJP was winning the elections that evening, I went to the temple, chopped my finger and offered it. The BJP will now form the government, but I would have been more happy if they (NDA) crossed the 400 mark," he added.

The Lok Sabha elections saw the NDA securing 293 seats, while the opposition INDIA bloc won 234 seats in a closely contested battle. Narendra Modi is poised to be sworn in as Prime Minister for the third time in a grand ceremony attended by foreign dignitaries.


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