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TOP STORY/ 'Embarrassing Party': BJP Expels Rebel KS Eshwarappa For 6 Years

Eshwarappa had decided to contest as an independent from the Shivamoga Lok Sabha constituency.

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Eshwarappa had decided to contest as an independent from the Shivamoga Lok Sabha constituency | Image:PTI

Bengaluru:  Taking disciplinary action, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday, expelled former minister K.S. Eshwarappa from the party for six years due to his rebellious actions. For the unversed, Eshwarappa had decided to contest as an independent from the Shivamogga Lok Sabha constituency, saying he was independent and no more with the party. 

Eshwarappa, a former Deputy Chief Minister who had also served as the party’s state unit President, has entered the fray blaming Vijayendra and his father and veteran party leader B S Yediyurappa for his son K E Kantesh being denied the ticket to contest from Haveri. For the unversed, Vijayendra’s brother and MP B Y Raghavendra is the BJP candidate from Shivamogga. 


'Independent, Not With BJP'

Speaking to reporters, the 75-year-old former BJP leader had said he was an independent and is not with the party. “Take whatever disciplinary action you want. I don’t fear such threats. My intention is similar to that of PM Narendra Modi. Modi says he is fighting against family politics of Congress’ Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi at the centre, while my (Eshwarappa) efforts are towards bringing out the party from the clutches of father and sons (Yediyurappa and sons). You (Vijayendra) should resign,” he added.


Noting that Vijayendra is the state President, his brother is an MP and their father is a member of the central election committee, Eshwarappa sarcastically said, “If anyone is left out in the family, give them also the positions, the party is to serve your family.”

Lakhs of workers have shed their blood and sweat to build the party, he asked, “What is your (Vijayendra) contribution? Speak carefully….go and see how much anger people have against you even in Shikaripura, people are saying you won the assembly elections there with money, in this election there is no money factor, people are with me. I will do ‘shikari’ (huntdown) of the father and sons in Shikaripura, I won’t let them this time.”


Hitting out at Eshwarappa, Vijayendra had said his brother Raghavendra, who is seeking re-election, will win the Shivamogga seat by over two lakh votes and people will teach a lesson to Eshwarappa.

Reacting to this, Eshwarappa said, “I will not give value to loose talks and what Vijayendra has said. I would like to ask what eligibility he has to become the state President? For 40 years I have put my efforts into this party. Because of your father’s efforts, you have become the state President. You have no right to talk..” People of Shivamogga district and city know what Eshwarappa has done for them, he said. “You (Vijayendra) don’t know the people of Shivamogga city. In Shikaripura your lead had come down from sixty thousand to ten thousand despite great efforts. I don’t know how much money you (Vijayendra) have spent. In the next election you will see…” Warning Vijayendra that if he speaks lightly, he will have to respond with a “different language”, Eshwarappa said: “You are still a ‘bachcha’ (kid), because of your father you have got this position. Keep this in mind. I have made penance for this party for 40 years, you don’t have the right to criticise me.


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