Updated June 8th, 2024 at 12:54 IST

'I And Pollsters Like me Got it Wrong': Prashant Kishor's 1st Reaction on Lok Sabha Results

Prashant Kishor had predicted that the Bharatiya Janata Party's seat count might approach or even exceed their 2019 total of 303.

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Prashant Kishor's First Reaction on Lok Sabha Results | Image:PTI

New Delhi: Days after NDA's win, election strategist Prashant Kishor admitted that his prediction regarding the Lok Sabha election results was wrong. Speaking to a leading daily, PK said,"Yes, I and pollsters like me got it wrong. We are ready to eat the humble pie." 

What did Prashant Kishor predict? 

Hours before the 2024 exit polls results, election strategist-turned politician Prashant Kishore stated that the BJP might repeat the 2019 feat or even score higher than 303 seats on June 4. Kishore highlighted that while the BJP will retain most of its strongholds in North and West India, the saffron party is slated to make big inroads in regions where it has been historically weak, especially in the southern and eastern parts of India.

"According to my assessment, the BJP is going to come back with the same or slightly better numbers. In western and northern India, I don't see a significant shift in the number of seats. The party has gained adequate support from regions in the east and south of India," a leading English daily quoted Prashant Kishor as saying. 


Kishor has predicted that the BJP will make significant gains, both in terms of vote share and seats in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu riding on the party's big South push and increasing presence in the months and years leading to the Lok Sabha exit polls 2024.

Earlier, Kishor had said that there was no palpable anger against the Modi administration and the anti-incumbency factor was missing. He had said that if there was a strong anti-incumbency, then the government would be voted out of power even if there was no real opposition.


However, Prashant Kishore on exit polls maintained that even if there are some anger and disappointment against PM Modi, it is not "widespread" to displace the leader. Contrary to opinions predicting BJP's seat share reducing significantly, the Jan Suraaj Party chief maintained time and again the BJP will cross majority and even cross the 303-mark.


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