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'Can Make Time For Great Food, Not Ram Lalla': PM Modi's Dig At Lalu, Rahul Over Mutton Party

Firing a fresh salvo, PM Modi said that INDI leaders have time to go to each others' house to have delicious food but they don't have time to visit Ram Lalla

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PM Modi attacks Rahul and Lalu over declining Ram Mandir invite | Image:Agencies

Patna: Taking an indirect potshot at Rahul Gandhi having Champaran mutton curry at Lalu Prasad Yadav's residence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, addressing a rally at Champaran, said that INDI leaders have the time to go to each others' house to have delicious food but they don't have the time to visit Ram Lalla. "Temple authorities had gone to invite them for the Pran Pratishtha ceremony. They declined the invitation. Look at these people -- one person goes to jail for stealing and is punished by the courts. Now, he has gotten a chance to return home due to his sickness. The other person has the time to go and have great food at his place but doesn't have the time to visit Ram Lalla.

Last year, Rahul had visited Lalu and took a lesson on how to cook the famous Champaran mutton curry. In the viral video, Rahul is heard saying, "I know how to cook, but I'm not an expert. When I was working in Europe, I had to learn to cook. I used to stay alone, so I had to learn. I can cook basic dishes. But I am not an expert," Mr Gandhi says in the video, adding that "Lalu Yadav ji makes great food". While leaving Lalu's residence, Rahul is seen asking for a separate box of mutton curry for his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Stepping up the ante in Champaran, PM Modi said that while the poor didn't have any money to send their children to schools, INDI leaders sent their kids to expensive schools. “Modi has taken it upon himself to provide gas and water connections  to house. Congress, RJD have only deprived you. The poor only got poorer. In last 60 years, they had built big castles and opened accounts in Swiss Banks. And, the poor went hungry. However, these people's almirahs were filled with notes. You don't have schools to educate your kids, but they sent their kids abroad for schooling. They didn't care for the sufferings of the poor,” said PM Modi


“From Bapu's karmabhoomi to bapu's janmabhoomi I have come to seek your blessings. I am going across the country to give hisaab for my work. Wherever I am going I am hearing only one thing, 'phir ek baar, Modi sarkar,” PM Modi further added.

Addressing a public meeting, PM Modi said that the INDI leaders have no other issues to talk about in these elections other than abusing him. “ Some are saying will dig PM Modi's grace, Congress shehzade wants to see tears in PM Modi's eyes. INDI leaders, the country doesn't run according to your wishes anymore." PM Modi further stated that the INDI leaders are now questioning his government's schemes, including free ration and healthcare, as they are “losing their sanity” with June 4 nearing. “People, who are born with silver spoons, have no idea of any hardships. I have heard someone is going around telling, after June 4, PM Modi will take bed rest. I pray to God that not only PM Modi but no citizen should be limited to bed. Everyone should have fruitful lives. But, what can you expect from Jungle Raj?







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