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Pakistan Wants to Make 'Shehzada' PM: Modi Sharpens Attack on Rahul After Pak Leader's Praise

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday claimed that Congress-Pakistan relations were exposed.

Reported by: Ronit Singh
Congress-Pak Relations Exposed: PM Modi's First Reaction on Fawad's Open Support to Rahul Gandhi | Image:File

Anand: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday claimed that Congress-Pakistan relations were exposed after former Pakistan minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain praised Rahul Gandhi and shared his speech targetting the BJP on social media. 

Affirming that Congress is a ‘mureed (follower)’ of Pakistan, PM Modi said that some powers want to make ‘shehzada (Rahul Gandhi)' the Prime Minister of India.  


Addressing an election rally in Gujarat, the Prime Minister said, “Congress is dying here and Pakistanis are crying. Pakistan leaders are praying and excited to make 'shehzada' of Congress India's prime minister. We all know that Congress party is a 'mureed' (follower) of Pakistan. The Congress-Pakistan relationship has been exposed.”  

“Some powers in the world want a weak government to be at the helm in India. They want a government which sends dossier like the Congress. They want a power in India which ruled before 2014. But Modi's government neither bows down to anyone nor stops in taking action,” he added. 


In midst of the election season, a social media post by former Pakistani minister praising Rahul Gandhi ignited fresh political controversy. 

The post from Hussain, Pakistan's former Information and Broadcasting minister, featured Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's speech targetting BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the caption "Rahul on fire," inviting sharp criticism from BJP leaders.


What Rahul Gandhi Said?

In the video shared by the Pakistani leader, Rahul Gandhi could be heard hurling attack on the BJP government over the invitees at Ayodhya Ram Mandir's Pran Pratishtha ceremony.

The clipped video shows the Congress leader further speaking on Ram Mandir event, accusing the PM Modi-led BJP government of sidelining the interests of the poor and youth. 


Ghar Mein Ghus Kar Marenge: PM Modi

The Prime Minister reiterated the resolve to break backbone of terrorism and said, “Under Congress regime, Pakistan was blamed everytime for terror incidents in India. Today, the tyre of Pakistan's terrorism is punctured. A country which used to supply terrorists, is now scrambling amid food crisis.”    


“The weak government of the Congress used to give dossier to terror kingpins, in which the details of the terror incident used to be mentioned. Then they used publicly announce that they have given dossier to Pakistan. But Modi government don't waste time in dossiers, we eliminate them in their turf,” he added.    



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