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'NDA, Powered by 140 Crore Indians, Fully Prepared For Elections', Says PM Modi, Slams Oppn

The Election Commission of India announced the schedule for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections and 4 State Assemblies. Stay tuned for LIVE Updates:

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LIVE: 'NDA, Powered by 140 Crore Indians, Fully Prepared For Elections', Says PM Modi, Slams Oppn | Image: PTI/File
3: 48 IST, March 18th 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed a public meeting at Shivamogga, the home turf of former Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa.


4: 40 IST, March 16th 2024

Moments after the Election Commission announced poll dates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to X, and wrote, “The biggest festival of democracy is here! EC has announced the 2024 Lok Sabha election dates. We, the BJP-NDA, are fully prepared for elections. We are going to the people on the basis of our track record of good governance and service delivery across sectors.”

“Powered by 140 crore Indians, our nation is creating new records of development. We have become the fifth largest economy and crores of people have been freed from poverty. Our schemes have reached all parts of India and the emphasis of saturation has yielded great results,” he added. 

He further added that the coming five years will be about collective resolve of establishing the roadmap that will guide India's trajectory as a nation for the next thousand years and make India the embodiment of prosperity, all-round growth and global leadership.

4: 58 IST, March 16th 2024

BJP: Party's national president JP Nadda tweeted, "I welcome the announcement of Lok Sabha elections 2024 by the Election Commission. Elections are the biggest festival of democracy. It is a medium to keep the country and the state moving on the path of development and good governance..."

Congress: “Democracy has called us in this battlefield of justice and we are ready. Today the Election Commission has announced general elections, but this election is not 'general'. It will be decided in this election whether this country and our democracy will run on the shoulders of labourers, farmers, middle class people or on the shoulders of select capitalists,” said Congress leader Pawan Khera. 

Samajwadi Party: Reacting to the poll dates announcement, Samajwadi Party MP Dimple Yadav said, "This is going to be an important election, I would like to appeal to the people to vote vigilantly as this election will shape the direction of Uttar Pradesh. This is an election for the employment of the youth, security for the women and the MSP for the farmers. We want that elections should be held fairly."

DMK: As the Election Commission of India announced Lok Sabha poll dates, DMK Spokesperson TKS Elangovan said, "We anticipated that Tamil Nadu will come in the first phase, however, waiting till June 4, is one question that party has to get prepared for...We are well prepared for the elections; DMK will win all 40 seats. We will win the by-elections as well..."




4: 46 IST, March 16th 2024

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 to be held in 7 phases from 19th April; Counting of votes on 4th June, announced Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar.



4: 46 IST, March 16th 2024
4: 16 IST, March 16th 2024
  • First phase - Elections on 102 seats
  • Second phase - Elections on 89 seats
  • Third phase - Elections on 94 seats
  • Fourth phase - Elections on 96 seats
  • Fifth phase- Elections on 49 seats
  • Sixth phase- Elections on 57 seats
  • Seventh phase- Elections on 57 seats
4: 11 IST, March 16th 2024

EC announced dates for Lok Sabha elections to be conducted in seven phases. The following are the dates for the seven phases:

  • Phase 1: April 19
  • Phase 2: April 26
  • Phase 3: May 7
  • Phase 4: May 13
  • Phase 5: May 20
  • Phase 6: May 25
  • Phase 7: June 1 
4: 30 IST, March 16th 2024
  • Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh Assembly polls on April 19
  • Andhra Pradesh to vote on May 13
  • Elections to Odisha assembly will be held in four phases on May 13, May 20, May 25 and June 1.

The results of all the four state elections will be declared on June 4, the day when the results of the Lok Sabha polls will also be declared.

4: 05 IST, March 16th 2024

26 Assembly Constituencies to go under by-polling on the date of Lok Sabha elections. Below are the states:  

3: 41 IST, March 16th 2024

The Election Commission announced the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, leading to the enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct in the entire country. 

3: 39 IST, March 16th 2024

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar says, "There is no place for bloodbath and violence in the elections...From wherever we will receive the information of violence, we will take action against them..."

3: 37 IST, March 16th 2024

To curb flow of illicit money, ECI held extensive reviews with enforcement agencies. Measures like ESMs portal, coordination between agencies resulted in exponential increase seizures in last 11 elections. 

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar says "Cash movement worth around Rs 3,400 was restricted in the last 11 state assembly elections in Rajasthan, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Tripura. This shows an increase of 835%..."

3: 32 IST, March 16th 2024

The Election Commission urged the candidates to not indulge in any kind of violence-related activities. “Ruthless action will be taken against the violators,” the EC said. 

3: 30 IST, March 16th 2024

Below are the assured minimum facilities to be available at over 10 lakh polling stations, announces Election Commission. 

3: 35 IST, March 16th 2024
3: 26 IST, March 16th 2024

“Ready to facilitate vote from home for electors above 85 years of age and for persons with disabilities across country,” said Election Commission. 

3: 19 IST, March 16th 2024

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar says, "In 12 states the ratio of women voters is higher than men voters."

3: 17 IST, March 16th 2024

“We have 97 crore registered voters, 10.5 lakhs polling stations, 1.5 crores polling officials and security staff, 55 lakhs EVMs, 4 lakhs vehicles,” said Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar. 

3: 14 IST, March 16th 2024

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar says "We are committed to give the nation a truly festive, democratic environment. The term of the 17th Lok Sabha is due to expire on 16th June 2024. The terms of the Legislative Assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim are also due to expire in June 2024. Elections are due in Jammu and Kashmir..."

3: 10 IST, March 16th 2024

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar to announce the schedule for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, shortly.

2: 47 IST, March 16th 2024

The Election Commission revealed that nearly 97 crore people are eligible to cast their votes in the upcoming polls at over 12 lakh polling stations. Ahead of the announcement, the election commission visited all the states and reviewed the preparations.

2: 46 IST, March 16th 2024
2: 34 IST, March 16th 2024

The vacancies were created by the retirement of Anup Chandra Pandey on February 14 and the surprise resignation of Arun Goel on March 8. His resignation was notified on March 9.

2: 37 IST, March 16th 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led selection committee on Thursday picked retired IAS officers Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu as new election commissioners.

A selection committee comprising Prime Minister, Opposition leader in the Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury and Union law minister Arjun Ram Meghwal met on Thursday noon to finalise the two names.

2: 35 IST, March 16th 2024

The Election Commission will announce the datesheet for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections at 3 PM today, March 16. Subsequently, the Model Code of Conduct will be enforced in the entire country until the announcement of poll results. 

What Changes With MCC Coming Into Force | 7 Points 

  1. The ruling government is prohibited from announcing any financial grants or making promises after the elections are announced, under the provisions of the MOC. 
  2. Centre also can't lay foundation stones or initiate projects or schemes of any kind, except civil servants.
  3. Promises related to the construction of roads, provision of drinking water facilities, etc., are not permitted during this period.
  4. Ad-hoc appointments in government or Public Undertakings that could influence voters in favour of the ruling party are prohibited.
  5. With the announcement of the Lok Sabah election schedule, ministers and other authorities cannot sanction grants or payments from discretionary funds once the elections are announced. 
  6. After the Model Code of Conduct comes into force, official visits shall not be combined with electioneering work, and the use of official machinery or personnel for electioneering is strictly prohibited, the ECI guidelines say.
  7. Government transport, including official aircraft, vehicles, machinery, and personnel, cannot be used to further the interests of the ruling party during elections.
2: 35 IST, March 16th 2024

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar arrived at Election Commission of India, ahead of the announcement of the schedule for the general elections. 

2: 35 IST, March 16th 2024

The ECI posted a brief statement on X and said dates for four Assembly polls - scheduled to be held around the same time - would also be announced. The four states expected to vote in April/May are Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Sikkim, with Maharashtra, Haryana, and Jharkhand scheduled to vote later this year.

2: 36 IST, March 16th 2024

The Election Commission of India (ECI) will announce the schedule for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections 2024 and some state assemblies today at 3 PM. The ECI announced that the polling schedule for the general elections will be announced on a televised live conference this afternoon. 


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