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How 'Brand Modi' Has Made Lok Sabha Polls 2024 Appear To Be A One-Sided Election

Republic takes a look at how ‘Brand Modi’ – over the years – has played a crucial role in ensuring that the BJP retains its position in the key election.

Reported by: Kriti Dhingra
Republic takes a look at how ‘Brand Modi’ – over the years – has played a crucial role in ensuring that the BJP retains its position in the key election. | Image:PTI

New Delhi: With the biggest poll battle of the year – Lok Sabha Elections 2024 just around the corner and several opinion polls conducted by TV channels suggesting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – the biggest player in the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) – is all set to achieve its set target of 350+ seats in the upcoming general elections, Republic takes a look at how ‘Brand Modi’ – over the years – has played a rather crucial role in ensuring that the saffron party retains its position in the key election.

PM Modi: The Man Who Likes to ‘Think Big, Dream Big and Act Big’

Having sold tea at a railway station as a boy to help his mother make ends meet, Narendra Modi – from being a party worker to chief minister to two-time prime minister – has come a long way from his humble beginnings. 

The 73-year-old who appears set to be only the second Indian to win three Lok Sabha elections consecutively is often heard saying he is “still thinking big”, and that he wants to cement a legacy of setting India “on the path to abolishing poverty and becoming a fully developed nation by 2047”, the 100th year of independence from the British rule.


"I am dedicating every moment to making India a developed country," PM Modi had said during a campaign rally earlier this month, adding, “That's why I am working 24X7 for 2047.”

According to opinion polls, PM Modi has been predicted to level the three-term record of India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.


At 75 percent, PM Modi's approval rating is the highest among 25 world leaders tracked by US data intelligence company Morning Consult, Reuters reported.

The Lok Sabha elections 2024 will be conducted in seven phases, starting 19 April and ending on 1 June, Chief election commissioner Rajiv Kumar had announced last month, adding that the results will declared on 4 June.


Modi Becomes First Indian PM to Be Featured On ‘Newsweek’ Cover After Indira Gandhi

Adding yet another feather to his ever-growing popularity, PM Modi recently became the first Prime Minister of India to feature on the cover of US-based magazine ‘Newsweek’ after Indira Gandhi. In a 90-minute conversation following a written interview, PM Modi talked about a plethora of topics including on upcoming Lok Sabha Polls, India-China ties, the global economy, Ram Mandir, Article 370 and the country's economic policies.


In the interview carried by the magazine under the title: "Narendra Modi and the Unstoppable Rise of India," PM Modi listed his government's excellent track record of fulfilling promises. Underlining that discontent towards governments has increased in the last few years in the world, PM Modi said, “By the end of the second term, even the most popular governments start losing support”, as he added, “India stands out as an exception, where popular support for our government is increasing”.

Terming India as "the mother of democracy", PM Modi asserted that as the largest democracy in the world, over 600 million people voted in the General Elections in 2019 and in a few months from now, over 970 million eligible voters will exercise their franchise.  


Further during the interview, the prime minister refuted allegations of discrimination against religious minorities in the country as "usual tropes" spread by those “who don't bother to meet people outside their bubbles”.

From housing, sanitation, water access, and cooking fuel to financial assistance and healthcare provisions, PM Modi listed some of the key initiatives of his government, which, he said are designed to eliminate any possibility of discrimination.


“They are meant to reach everyone, which means that they are designed in such a way that there cannot be any discrimination. Be it amenities like house, toilets, water connection or cooking fuel or be it collateral-free credit or health insurance, it is reaching every citizen irrespective of his community and religion,” the weekly magazine quoted PM Modi as saying.

When India’s Top Gamers Told PM Modi About ‘Pivotal Role’ Played by His Govt

Young or old, underprivileged or affluent; the ever-flexible Prime Minister, who has carved a niche with the creation of this rather spectacular brand image of himself, doesn't hold back from reaching out to the citizens regardless of their age, religion, caste, societal and(or) economic status. And is in fact, known for being ever-participating and ever-enthusiastic in his outreach.

Reinforcing the very idea of ‘Brand Modi’ at an event organised to discuss technical aspects (of) and new developments in the gaming industry, PM Modi recently engaged in a candid conversation with some of India's top gamers, during which he even made a light-hearted joke, saying: "Matlab sab kuch mere aane ke bad hua hai..." eliciting laughter from everyone present in the room.


The trailer of the event –  featuring prominent gamers including Animesh Agrawal, Naman Mathur, Mithilesh Patankar, Payal Dhar, Tirth Mehta, Ganesh Gangadhar, and Anshu Bisht – gave the viewers a glimpse of PM Modi trying his hand at various PC and VR games, in what appeared to be a fun-filled yet insightful experience for all: PM Modi as well as the gaming wizards.

During the event, the country's top gamers shared with PM Modi insights on the evolution of the gaming industry post-2019 and the pivotal role played by his government in supporting the nation's gamers, as a response to which, PM Modi extended his appreciation for the progress made in the gaming sector during his tenure.  


In an endeavour to lighten the mood after the gamers expressed their nerves at meeting the Prime Minister of the country, PM Modi gave a humorous response, stating, "I colour my hair white to look old."


Later, BJP IT department head Amit Malviya revealed that the event saw participants discussing how PM Modi-led government at the Centre has recognised the creativity of the gaming wizards, thereby promoting the industry in India.

Elon Musk Says Looking Forward to Meet PM Modi in India

American electric car maker Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed his visit to India and his planned meeting with PM Modi with reports suggesting that Musk will likely announce the company's investment plans in the country during his visit. In June last year, during a meeting with PM Modi while the latter was visiting the US, Musk had expressed confidence that the company would enter the Indian market soon.

His planned visit comes weeks after the Modi government at the Centre announced a new electric vehicle policy under which import duty concessions will be given to companies setting up manufacturing units in the country with a minimum investment of USD 500 million, a move aimed at attracting major global players like US-based Tesla. Notably, Tesla had approached the Modi government last year, seeking duty cuts to import its vehicles in India. The move followed Musk's earlier suggestion that Tesla wanted to launch its vehicles in India “but import duties are the highest in the world by far of any large country!”


Now, the new EV policy – introduced under the guidance and leadership of PM Modi – seeks to promote India as a manufacturing destination for EVs and attract investment from reputed global manufacturers. 

When 'Visionary' PM Modi Chose ‘To Walk Side by Side with the Change of Times’

In an effort to recognise excellence and impact across domains, including storytelling, social change, sustainability and education among others, PM Modi had, unlike any of his predecessors, presented the ‘National Creators Award’ –  first-of-its-kind – last month in New Delhi.

Envisioning the award as "a launchpad for using creativity to drive positive change", the visionary in him had underlined that it is the country’s responsibility "to walk side by side with the change of times and the advent of a new era", as he stressed that the nation is fulfilling that responsibility with the first-ever National Creator Awards. 


“National Creator Awards is giving identity to the new era before its onset”, PM Modi had remarked, highlighting the prowess to analyse the future beforehand. 

In his pursuit of acknowledging the creativity of the country's youth, PM Modi said, "National Creator Awards will become a huge source of inspiration for content creators and create an identity for their work", while he expressed confidence that these awards will establish a strong influence in the times to come by energising the new era and respecting the creativity of the youth and the sensitivity towards the aspects of daily life.


While drawing attention to the upcoming elections, PM Modi urged the winners and attendees “to create awareness among the youth and first-time voters in the country” to instill the feeling that “voting is not carried out to declare winners and losers in an election but to become a part of the decision-making process” that crafts the future of a democracy as big as India.


A total of 23 winners, including three international creators, bagged the ‘National Creator Award’ this year.


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